About me!

Hello I’m Samantha and this is my Parenting & Lifestyle blog.

I am a wife to Tom, a mother to Jade and James plus a keeper of many animals. I love to share my thoughts, adventures, advice and some little reviews here and there.

Everything to do with motherhood is new to me and I would love you to share my experiences, as after all, it’s one of the hardest jobs you can do!

Tom and I have been together since January 2010 and eventually married on the 28th May 2016. We have a daughter called Jade who is almost 4 and our most resent addition of a son called James who is a tiny 7 weeks.

As a couple we enjoy the humorous things in life. We are the complete polar opposite of each other (for example I enjoy cultural things whilst Tom enjoys more ‘manly’ things) but we have the same sense of humour as each other. We pass through life with a giggle and a smile.