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SaveMoneyCutCarbon – A Unique New Gift!

Everyone wants to help the environment and keep our planet going for as long as possible. Nowadays they are so many ways in which we can change our everyday lives for the better, but sometimes we don’t know what to do or where to start.

Well now you don’t need to worry! SaveMoneyCutCarbon have found a way in which you can slowly change your everyday products to something then will help the environment; a monthly box that can fix straight through your letter box!

Let’s have a look…

It comes in slim packaging which is small enough to fit through most letterboxes (so thankfully you won’t need to wait in!) and as expected, everything is recyclable. There’s a little information booklet explaining effects of global warming and how we can help prevent it getting worse by adopting sustainable living.

Everything is well packaged inside (again with recyclable materials) and it also includes an information card describing each product and how it’s non-sustainable counterpart damages the earth.

Now, onto what’s inside:

Bamboo Toothbrush

Strong, biodegradable toothbrush with recyclable bristles and an anti-mould base. Sometimes i forget that disposable toothbrushes are complete plastic, apparently we will use around 300 plastic toothbrushes in our lifetime!

Beeswax Wrap

Reusable wraps designed to replace cling film that are biodegradable. How cute is this!! I have always wanted to try a beeswax wrap (probably for myself as I can imagine Jade throwing it away at nursery!). Love the design!

Anti-Bac Cleaning Drop

Plant based, non-toxic cleaning that reduces packaging. Fab idea! Reusing a bottle every time means you don’t throw away any plastic, it is non-toxic so brilliant if you have children or pets and it’s plant based so it’s good for the environment.

Bamboo Cotton Buds and Bamboo Plasters

Bamboo cotton buds are robust and compostable. Perfect for swapping with the plastic, chemical coated alternatives. The bamboo plasters are 100% allergy free (perfect for me!) and will fully compost in a matter of weeks.

Bin Sticker, Compostable Sponge Cloth, Water Flow Bag and Compostable Bin Liners

Bin stickers to let your neighbours know you are helping the environment! The Compostable sponge cloth is brilliant for your kitchen sides but at least you won’t have to worry about binning it and filling up the landfill every time! Water flow bag to actually see how much water you are using, not going to lie as I am a bath person (sorry!) but I’m willing to change to showers! Compostable bin liners for reducing the amount of plastic we use (as everyone uses bin bags!).

You can find more information and start changing the world here:


The monthly boxes start as little as £4.99 a month. Such a small amount to change the world!

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