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Candy Coat: October Box Review!

Candy Coat Subscription Box – October 2020 Edition
Price of the Box: £15.00 plus free postage

The October edition of my Candy Coat subscription box arrived this morning and I was so excited to unbox it! I’ve been quite stressed out recently and I need a bit of me time, desperately!! Here’s a bit about the box followed by what I received and what I think….

Here’s what you get inside:

  • Manicure essentials
  • Swatch pops for each colour
  • Season lifestyle goodie
  • Candy

Each month you can look forward to a fun filled box which includes three salon quality gel polish colours, manicure essentials, swatch pops, a goodie of the month and candy, sprinkled with lots of love and pompoms. Every delivery should be a delight to unwrap and Candy Coat makes sure of that with attention to detail and cute decorative extras that subscribes love to have fun with.

The colours in this box are definitely Halloween themed! There is a very dark blood red, a very dark emerald green and a stone white. In my honest opinion I am really disappointed! Both the red and the green are so dark they are very similar and almost look black! Maybe if they were a bit lighter you could notice the colours more?

The other goodies in the box are a fluffy eye night mask which I love! A must have when you need a daytime snooze while baby sleeps (if they sleep!). There is also some nail stickers in a Halloween theme (bit late now isn’t it?!) and the usual nail pops, file, sweets (not pictured as I ate them haha) and cuticle pusher.

The Candy Coat website has a lot to offer besides the subscription box. They have normal nail polish, gel polish, ‘pro’ gel polish, acrylic powders, tools and so much more. They also have pre-made boxes full of products for anyone who is starting out to professionals. Definitely worth a look if you love nails.

Final thought? A bit meh in my opinion. Two of the colours are so similar that it’s hard to tell them apart, they are almost black and you can barely see a hint of colour. The stickers are super cute but I received my box on the 4th November, Halloween was 5 days ago! I guess I could save them for next year but what’s the point in sending the boxes out after Halloween?? I do love the eye mask so that’s a plus.

Fingers crossed next month is better!

Bespoke Buckley xx

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