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Candy Coat: September Box Review!

Candy Coat Subscription Box – September 2020 Edition
Price of the Box: £15.00 plus free postage

Everyone deserves a bit of ‘me time’ every now and then, even super busy mums! For me, I try and take some time to do my nails (sad I know!). I have naturally long nails so enjoy giving them a pop colour, however I hate applying ‘normal’ nail polish as I’m too impatient to wait for them to dry. No doubt someone will want something and I’ll smudge of crease them, meaning I have to reapply!

But not now! After browsing through Facebook an ad popped up on my feed showing some beautiful nails with some funky gel polish colours on them. After clicking I found out it’s a super cute UK based gel polish company who offer subscription boxes! I have a UV lamp at home so I snapped up the subscription.

Here’s what you get inside:

  • Manicure essentials
  • Swatch pops for each colour
  • Season lifestyle goodie
  • Candy

Each month you can look forward to a fun filled box which includes three salon quality gel polish colours, manicure essentials, swatch pops, a goodie of the month and candy, sprinkled with lots of love and pompoms. Every delivery should be a delight to unwrap and Candy Coat makes sure of that with attention to detail and cute decorative extras that subscribes love to have fun with.

Although each colour doesn’t have an actual name but a number instead, you have to admit they are beautiful! On thé left you have a light lavender colour (Number 929), in the middle is a shimmery glitter (Number 1068) and on the right is a powder blue colour (Number 333V).

Along with the colours, we received a little clear bag with the Candy Coat logo (to pop your new gel polishes in no doubt!), summery nail stickers, nail file, cuticle pusher, shimmer glitter and swatch pops.

The Candy Coat website has a lot to offer besides the subscription box. They have normal nail polish, gel polish, ‘pro’ gel polish, acrylic powders, tools and so much more. They also have pre-made boxes full of products for anyone who is starting out to professionals. Definitely worth a look if you love nails.

I can’t wait until next months box (which is on its way!) and build up my gel polish collection!

Bespoke Buckley x

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