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Let’s Shuffle My Music Library 🎶

Hey guys!

So I’m all for random ‘get to know me better’ posts because you think you might know me, but I bet there are some things that can surprise you!

Katie from Living Life Our Way tagged me in her post The Music Shuffle which shows what music you listen to when you shuffle your playlist. So I wanted to do the same! I have a varied taste in music (which you will see in second!), so don’t laugh ok?!

1. Wham! – Club Tropicana

Ooohhhhh I love George Michael!! Huge huge fan here. I bet a lot of his songs are going to pop up on my shuffle list, but I’ll skip them so this list isnt full of George Michael 😂.

2. Indila- Tourner Dans Le Vide

I have a secret love for foreign music and my favourite tends to be the French variety. Indilas music is very soft and when I listen to it I’m instantly relaxed.

3. Slipknot – Before I Forget

So yea…I was a grunge/goth when I was a teenager. I blame my sister because she listened to the music and dressed the part, so I guess I just followed suit to be just like her. Funny thing is, I will still happily listen to this album again. I know most of the words still and the songs are actually good (old and new albums).

4. Rupaul- American (Feat the Cast of RPDR)This is the ‘American’ song that features the Season 10 finalists of Rupauls Drag Race, a series which I love! Rupauls songs are always about equality and diversity with a hint of camp, a fab mix!

5. Queen – Only the Good Die Young

Queen is my ultimate favourite band of all time. My mum listened to it when I was a baby and I guess I just loved it! I always sing at the top of my lungs when it’s playing. This song though, it hits you right in the feels!

6. Bruno Mars – 24k Magic

I think Tom hates Bruno Mars but I love the funky, feel good vibes his songs give. I always have to do a mum dance when I listen to this song (even in the car), that’s why I think Tom hates it 😂.

7. Macklemore – Glorious

I genuinely cried at the video for this, it was so sweet! If you haven’t seen it then you need to go into YouTube now and watch it!

8. Soggy Bottom Boys – Man of Constant Sorrow

This is the George Cloony version for ‘O brother where art thou?’ film. One of my favourites and it’s just a song you can sing at the top of your lungs to.

9. AFI – Silver and Cold

One of the first CDs I bought for my first car, seems so long ago now! This was in my grunge phase but I was starting to enjoy other styles of music too.

10. Ed Sheeran – Perfect

No doubt this is on everyone’s list (or one of Ed’s other songs). I did contemplate this for our first dance but I thought it was a bit common (sorry!).

11. Blink 182 – Miss You

I still love listening to this song. Yes it’s a bit grunge if you listen to the lyrics but it’s still very sweet.

12. Boyce Avenue – Teenage Dreams

This was our first dance song. If you don’t know who Boyce Avenue is then check him out on YouTube. He plays

13. Wilson Phillips – Hold On

I purely listen to this song because of the film ‘Bridesmaids’. It makes me want to dance stupidly with my friend…

14. Diva Plavalaguna – Fifth Element

Another song from a film, but this one is a mixture of classical and dance. I love to pretend I can hit the high notes!

15. David Bowie – Let’s Dance

Another legend who has sadly passed away. My shuffle list had quite a few of David Bowie’s songs but I didn’t want this list to be full of those, you need to see all the weird things I listen to!

Ta-da! All done. It was nice to listen to my weird and wonderful playlist again, I need to make some time for music.

The Rules

  • Thank the person who nominated you for this tag and link to their blog.
  • Shuffle your entire music library (no matter how old songs the songs are) and talk about the first fifteen songs that come up (anything like why they are there, if they signify something, any story, why you like them, etc.)
  • Mention the songs as well as the artists.
  • Tag 5 people or more to do this tag and please let them know!
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  • One thought on “Let’s Shuffle My Music Library 🎶

    1. Thanks for tagging me in this – I’ve done mine now. Oddly, Wilson Phillips – Hold On is one of the songs the me and my husband call “ours” so good to see that in there !!


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