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Malta Adventures: Abandoned building in Il-Marfa, but what was it for??

Evening guys!

Exploring the island of Malta on our quad bikes was on the top of our list today, we had to return them at 1pm so needed to get as much use from them as possible.

We (Tom, R, J and I) decided to ride up to Il-Marfa to check out the docks where will be collecting our boat on Wednesday, but on the way we found a lovely little spot to dip our feet in and cool offThe water was crystal clear, beautiful!

After our little dip, we made our way to Il-Marfa and found an abandoned building (there are loads!) on the shore line. J and I went to explore the building while Tom and R where on the shore. We couldn’t get in (weeelllll, we could but decided we didn’t want to get into trouble/hurt) so took some pictures instead:

It was a beautiful building and such a shame it’s in this condition.

After some research I found out this is the Weid Musa Battery (or also known as the Swatar Battery). It was built by the Order Of Saint John in 1714–1716 as one of a series of coastal fortifications around the Maltese Islands. Apparently the parapet is still intact and is among the best preserved gun platforms in Malta, it fell into disuse in the 90’s which is a shame. Such a beautiful building that’s going to waste, however on further researching it looks like it might be sold privately to be made into a boutique?I doubt I’ll ever see it again but I’m glad I did!

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