Parenting and Lifestyle

I am a mum. I am a warrior. I am me.

Afternoon guys! As I’m writing this, I am currently sunning in Malta 🇲🇹 It’s our second wedding anniversary on the 28th so we wanted to go away for a bit. Naturally I am self conscious about my body, I had Jade 15 months ago and I still need to shift the baby weight. Admittedly I have lost 1st 4lb (woohoo) but I want to loose a lot more. But since being in Malta, I have felt amazing. It could be the sun on my pale skin finally getting it bronzed or the alcohol (I have had plenty!). I have so much confidence now 😍So don’t worry if you have wibbly wobbly bits, acne or stretch marks, love your body! God only gave you one, look after it and have fun! (FYI I am not religious!). This is me. I have acne scars, blemished skin and a stomach covered in stretch marks. But guess what? I love my body!I have carried my beautiful daughter for 9 months and I bear the damage on my body. I am a mum. I am curvy. I am a warrior. I am me, and I love it! #notashamed #bodypositivity #curvygirl #mumbod #loveyourself #exploringnewthings #ukparentblogger #pbloggersuk #parentinggoals #adventuretime #funinthesun #vangee #beautiful #mamabird #stretchmarks #tigerstripes

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