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Self hosting. New theme. Re-branding??

Halleloo! (Can you tell I love Shangela from RPDR!?)

So, I’m planning on changing a few things here. I feel as if my blog needs an update, a new fresh start without deleting everything I have already posted.

I am finally going self hosted, TSOhost is top of my list but if you have any suggestions (or referral links) please pop them down in the comments. WordPress has done me well but there are a few things you can’t do on the free plan that I need. Plus I hear your DA (domain authority) benefits from going self hosted too!

Next up would be a nice new theme. I have my eye on a few from Pipdig or Etsy but now I need to narrow it down, which is quite hard! It would be nice to have a blog where I don’t share the same free WordPress theme with a billon others, at least with buying one I stand out a bit more. What type of theme do you think this blog will suit?

Lastly, I’m thinking about possibly re-branding? I’m unsure about changing my blog name from Bespokebuckley.com to hampshiremama.co.uk? Before I picked Bespokebuckley, I blogged about a variety of things (beauty, hauls etc) so I wanted a name that could cover a wide range of subjects. But now, I tend not to do that anymore. I seem to solely blog about parenting and a small amount of lifestyle, so should I switch it up and re-brand to hampshiremama (or something similar)? In all honesty, my blog isn’t that big so I think I could easily change without impacting me too much. Let me know what you guys think in the comments below, should I change or is bespokebuckley meant to be?

So that’s my plan, I am going to give the re-branding a lot of thought as this will need to be done first so I can change my domain. Am I missing anything else?

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