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M&S Advent Calendar 2017: Day Twenty Three!

Morning guys!

No more work until after Christmas, hurrah! Today will probably be spent buying the last couple of bits for Christmas and making sure the house is spanking clean. But before I do all that, let’s see what we have in our calendar today:

Formula Absolute Ultimate Sleep Cream 15ml

Look like you have had eight hours sleep even when you haven’t with the Formula absolute ultimate sleep Cream. It’s supercharged with anti wrinkle peptides, moisturising hyaluronic acid and skin brightening actives. The fatigue fighting dream Cream transforms fine line, pigmentation and slackening if the skin in just four weeks.

I think all parents could use a Cream like this so let’s hope it works, plus I’m all for a cream that you sleep in. This travel size retails for £6.60.

That’s all for today, tune in tomorrow for day twenty four – Christmas Eve!

Current total of calendar: £245.44


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