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M&S Advent Calendar 2017: Day Five!

Morning guys!

Day five has arrived on our advent journey so what did we get?:

Rodial Dragons Blood Sculpting Gel 15ml

This sculpting gel is an anti-ageing formula that helps to volumise and define facial contours. The ‘dragons blood’ works by providing a second skin-like film on the face which protects the skin from everyday environmental pollutions. It reduces redness and is fab for sensitive skin. It contains collagen boosting ingredients which help to plump and smooth the skin.

I have used some products from Rodial before but their stuff can be quite expensive! So it’s nice to give this a try. It does have a slight smell of oranges but I believe that’s from the natural ingredients, it does say it’s for sensitive skin so I don’t think it’s perfumed.

This 15ml travel size is worth a massive £25.50! I mean wow! This calendar is certainly adding up now!

That’s all for today, tune in tomorrow for day six…

Current total of calendar: £70.31


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