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First time mum journey – 9 months in!

Hi guys!

It’s been 9 months since we welcomed our little girl into the world! 10:46am she was placed into my arms and I have never let her go since. We have had our ups and downs the past nine months, I mean what first time mum hasn’t? But it’s turning into an amazing journey so far!

So it’s been a couple of months since my last First time mum journey update at six months (which you can find Here) and so much has happened since then!

Jade had since mastered rolling over now, sometimes she just continuously rolls from one end of the room to another! We are just starting to crawl (well up on all fours and chucking herself forward 😂) so I’ll no doubt be baby proofing the house soon. Sometimes I get myself so worked up when I see friends babies who are younger than Jade reach milestones that she’s hasn’t even reached yet. Of course I smile and say congratulations but inside I wonder ‘what am I doing wrong?!’ Am I not doing enough exercises with Jade? Am I not helping her enough? What am I doing wrong?!? I do wonder if she will be one of those babies who will skip the crawling stage and just start walking. Maybe. Or am I just telling myself that to make me feel better? Who knows. But, now she is starting to do it! ​

​She is even ‘dream crawling’ 😂 Silly sausage!

Our weaning journey is going fab! We now have a brilliant routine and she will have 3 meals a day. I have dropped her down to three bottles a day too; one about 7am, another about 1pm and the last before bed at 7pm. Jade loves trying new food and she particularly likes fruit, followed by cheese to balance out the acid in the fruit! She does enjoy playing with her pasta too! Jade is also mastering her cup, we have the Munchkin 360 cup and the Nuby 360 cup but it seems she prefers the Nuby one (so do I!). Maybe it’s because it’s see through and she can see the water inside?At first she would sit the cup on the edge of the highchair tray and tilt it to get some water (I would have to fill it the full 8oz!). But now she can hold it up herself, slurping away noisily!Its so hard to get a picture because she gets so excited when she notices the camera 😂

Jade now has so many teeth! We have been really lucky in the fact that she hasn’t been too bothered by them cutting through, her sleep pattern hasn’t changed and she is eating normally. The first two teeth that came through (at the same time) were the bottom ones. It honestly took me about 20 minutes to get one photo! Once these two came through, the rest suddenly appeared. She is now cutting through teeth number five and six! Sharp little toothy pegs!

So that’s her milestones updated! I guess the next update will be when she is one years old! Time really is flying by, especially as I’m going back to work on Monday! 9 months of motherhood and I’m loving it so far!

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