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BlogOn Xmas!

Hey guys!

This year I finally made it to the BlogOn Xmas conference in Manchester! It was my first time going and I can definitely say it will not be my last. I’ll be keeping an eye out during January for when they release the tickets for the May conference, I need my next fix!

I did travel quite far, from Portsmouth all the way into Manchester. I think my travel time including a pit stop was about five hours but I did have to make a diversion (there was an incident on the M3 which resulted in its closure for 12 hours!). However, I got into Manchester about 5pm, checked into my hotel room and got myself ready for the launch party sponsored by Paladone. 

I was a complete loner but luckily I was welcomed with open arms by everyone! After many giggles and gin & tonics, I had a slight drunken walk back to my hotel and crashed until the morning.

In the morning after a refreshing shower and a cup of coffee I made my way to Hotel Football. There is a small car park for the hotel which is free and I was hoping that because I left early I could get a space, I didn’t want to pay £10 in another car park for the day! Luckily I managed to park in the hotels car park as when I pulled in someone was just leaving, bonus!

I collected my badge, dumped my suitcase and sat down for a cuppa to plan my day. There are various talks/seminars throughout the day, including some practical workshops that you can choose to go to. I ended up going to Photographing Kids, Instagram, Festive Origami and Comps 101. I did end up skipping a session because I wanted to meet and chat to some of the brands/PRs without there being so many people around. 

Unfortunately I didn’t take any photos from the talks as I was taking everything in but I did get a picture from the Festive Origami practical session! We made some Christmas boxes! I loved this session as I learnt so much, plus the people from Paperchase are so lovely. I even sat next to one of my favourite Youtubers and had a bit of a fan girl moment!

Towards the end of the day, after taking in so much information and eating the fabulous cake, is the raffle! This raffle consists of toys which have been entered into the toy awards and I think there was over 200! Once the awards where done, the raffle begins! I won twice and picked the Luvabella doll and a Morphy Richards play kitchen set, yay!The Luvabella doll is a bit creepy though!

As the day begins to end and we start to leave, we are given a goodie bag full of amazing things! As I had a 4.5+ hour journey home, I just wanted to get in my car and go, so the goodie bag can wait until I’m back to delve in!

Ta-da! Look at all of that! The goodie bag is amazing 😲 I am so overwhelmed by what’s inside! 

It’s been a week since BlogOn and all the food from the goodie bag has been eaten, toys that Jades to young for have been given to my sisters step-son and homeware put to good use. 

I am definitely going to the next one which is in May and I hope I can continue meeting other fab bloggers who I now consider friends 😊

6 thoughts on “BlogOn Xmas!

  1. Oh you are quite near me, I’m in Basingstoke. I couldn’t make it because of costs and how far it was… plus I am pregnant but you never know I may make one next year! #triumphanttales


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