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BlogOn checklist!

Hi guys!

It’s only a couple of days until the Christmas BlogOn conference and I keep suddenly remembering stuff that I will need to take! I know I will forget something important, so I will make a list and check it off before I leave. 

Plus, if I make this list and I have forgotten something vital then hopefully a fellow blogger whose is also going can remind me 😊

So here it is:

  1. Christmas jumper (it is the Xmas BlogOn after all!). ✅
  2. A nice-ish outfit for the launch party (I would love to wear a dress but I busted up my knee falling over!). ❌ decided on another crimbo jumper!
  3. Comfortable shoes (I’m going to take my Chelsea Boots as they are comfy and waterproof in case it rains!). ✅
  4. My rose gold party crown (well I want to look festive!). ✅
  5. A big suitcase (and no I’m not joking, I’ve been told the amount of stuff you are given or could win means I need a big suitcase!). ✅
  6. Business cards (need to get myself out there more with brands!). ✅
  7. My £5 Secret Santa gift (no idea who it’s for? We bring in a present worth up to five pound at the beginning and collect a present when we leave. Sounds exciting!). ✅
  8. Power bank (no doubt I’ll be taking a lot of pictures/videos and my phone battery is pretty shocking!). ✅
  9. Make-up (obviously, no one wants to see my pastey face!). ✅
  10. Money (there’s a huge raffle of about 200+ toys so I obviously want to win some!). ✅

I think that’s all I need (obviously I will take the usual toiletries and underwear etc). I will no doubt add to this list if I remember anything else!

    I even done my nails ready for the weekend 😊 matches my jumper 😂 

    See you guys there!!

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