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Jade & Mummys Adventures: Babyled Weaning or Traditional Weaning?

So it’s been about a month and a bit since we started our weaning journey and I can honestly say I find it quite fun! Watching Jade enjoying all the new tastes and seeing the expression on her face if she’s not too sure is amazing. 

When we were getting everything ready to get Jade started, I was adamant that we would only try babyled weaning. No spoon feeding for us! We first started with steamed cauliflower and broccoli florets but she wasn’t really interested at first. She would squish the broccoli with her fingers and that’s it, at least she is playing with new textures I suppose?She didn’t look impressed!

I wanted Jade to actually try some food, so I introduced some purée. I know it goes against the ‘baby-led weaning code’ but as long as she is still feeding herself then surely it should be ok? Jade has her own spoon with some food on and I will also feed her from my own spoon. She is getting used to her spoon and hopefully it won’t be too long before she can scoop her own food up. 

Alongside spoon feeding, we are also having finger food too. Jade is now a bit better at picking it up and taking some bites. We have been trying loads of different food with a variety of colours and textures. 

Sometimes her face is an absolute picture when she tries something new, but after a couple of tries she does get used to it a bit more. 

I think we will continue with a mixture of baby-led weaning and traditional weaning. I know a lot of people will stick with only one way but I do find this easier and it seems like Jade is benefiting from trying different textures. 

Do you baby-led wean or traditional wean? Or both? Let me know in the comments 😊

4 thoughts on “Jade & Mummys Adventures: Babyled Weaning or Traditional Weaning?

  1. Congrats for the beautiful baby – and blog!

    Maybe you’ll have time to check into my blog/book and give me some feedback too?
    I tried following you, but an error message keeps popping up. WIll keep trying.

    Enjoy the rest of November!


  2. I love weaning, it is my favourite I think. Seeing their faces when they taste new things. We combined purees and baby led. #TriumphantTales


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