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Thank god for ‘BabyNails’!

Morning guys!

So since having Jade, the one thing I was so scared of doing was cutting her nails. My nails grow really quickly and so do hers, so I’m guessing she gets that from me! At the beginning, I needed to rely on babygrows that have the scratch mitts built in because she would scratch her face in her sleep. Which sometimes resulted in a little mark on her face 😞. 

I started off using baby nail clippers and nail scissors but I was petrified of cutting her little fingers because she wouldn’t stay still, so I tried a baby nail file I received as part of a set but the file wasn’t rough enough to actually do anything. My friends even suggested I rip/bite her nails once she got out of the bath but again I just couldn’t do it. I’m pretty much a pansy!

But then I discovered a product called BabyNails and the lovely Rebecca kindly sent me the standard pack (mixed) to review 😊. I have been using these for a couple of months and once you get the swing of it then it’s easy. You can hold your baby’s hand and gently file the nail with your thumb, and give loads of cuddles too!

It comes in a little clear pouch which zips up at the top so you don’t loose any goodies! It houses everything you need to get going from birth to six months plus. 

The pictures on the back show you how simple it is to use with the description:

Using our patent pending ‘Thumble’ gives you both hands free to hold your baby using just your thumb to do the filing. 

Just perfect to use when feeding or cuddling your baby. 

An opening on the front allows you to wear the nail file securely, even with a long thumbnail. 

Inside you will find your Thumble, five newborn nail files, five 3 months plus nail files and five 6 months plus nail files. As you can see I have already stuck a 6m+ nail file on my Thumble. I have already used the  3m+ file already. 
As you can see, the Thumble fits nicely into my thumb. I have long nails which is fine because the Thumble has an opening at the top so my nail can poke out, thank god because I don’t want to cut my nails! The Thumble can also fit most thumbs, I have sausage fingers and it was comfortable for me!

Now for the photos of me using it! This post should have been completed ages ago but I just couldn’t get any decent photos of me using it, let alone a video! I always file Jades nails during the day so it is just Jade and I, trying to file her nails with one hand and taking a photo with the other is really hard! Jade just wants to grab my phone and nearly all my photos are blurry apart from a few, so I’ll use those ones…
Please ignore my chipped nail varnish!Ah the toes! Far too small to do anything with them but at least for now I can file down any sharp bits (especially now she’s found her feet!). 

You can buy the standard pack (mixed) of BabyNails for £7.49 from the BabyNails website, they also do a variety of other packs that will suit what you need. From replacement files to a huge bumper pack. 

You can also check out BabyNails on Facebook and on Twitter

This product was sent to me for reviewing, all opinions are my own. 

Some products may have been provided by a PR company for reviewing. I will always give my honest opinion when testing a product. All sponsored content is clearly marked at the bottom each post.

One thought on “Thank god for ‘BabyNails’!

  1. What a brilliant idea! I hated this job when little man was a baby too and now he will only ever let Nanny cut his toenails!! Thanks so much for joining us at #TriumphantTales. Hope to see you again tomorrow.


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