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So busy but still here!

**I’m currently using the Beta version of WordPress and it is shocking! I cannot upload any media to my post (apart from a featured image), categorise anything and the basic HTML is off. If you notice something odd please let me know!**

Hi guys!

Just a quick one to say sorry for the lack of posts recently. I do try and post at least twice a week but I have been so busy that I haven’t updated in a while!

I have been so focused on Jades weaning journey that it has taken up most of my time, I haven’t had a chance to physically write out my posts on the laptop/phone but it’s all written down on paper, I just need the time to sit down and type. I am going to make sure I do it these next few days and schedule the posts out. 

Here’s what’s to come: 

  • A review on the amazing product ‘Baby Nails’. I have used it for a while now but I’m trying so hard to get some decent photos and hopefully a video of us using it. I want to show how great this product is but when I use it I tend to be in my own. So I’m trying to hold Jades hand, file her nails, trying to take a photo/video while stopping her from grabbing the camera is hard. 
  • An update of our weaning journey, BabyLed Weaning vs Conventional Weaning. We have been weaning for about a month now and have tried both styles of weaning. I want to share my personal pros and cons opinion. 
  • A review on the ‘Joie Mimzy Snacker’ Highchair. After searching far and wide I finally bought a highchair. I want to share why I picked this one and show it’s amazing features. 
  • My top picks of highchair toys. I now have loads, some great and some not so great. When I say my top picks I mean Jades really, I’m just going on what she prefers. 
  • Shop and Scan. Scan your shopping for points which can be redeemed for vouchers? Yes please! I’ll explain more in my post because I can see that confused look in your face. 

I do have many more post ideas in my head but for now I’ll focus on the above five! I’ll get typing and you keep an eye out, deal?

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