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First time mum journey – 6 months in!

Morning everyone and welcome back!

It's been 6 months since we welcomed our little girl into the world! 10:46am she was placed into my arms and I have never let her go since. We have had our ups and downs the past six months, I mean what first time mum hasn't? But it's turning into an amazing journey so far!

Since my last update (which you can find Here) we have come on leaps and bounds. I last wrote about how Jade would sometimes just cry and I couldn't seem to calm her down (which had me in tears all the time), I ended up going to the doctors as I was afraid to be suffering from post natal depression (PND). After a long chat to the doctor, he believes it just me being a first time mum who is just trying to understand her baby and trying her hardest to make everyone happy. That was a load of my mind, I just needed to take things slowly. By doing that I learnt what was getting Jade so upset, I was missing her 'I'm tired' cue. Now she shows me she is tired and she goes straight for a nap. No problems at all. 

She is sleeping at night so well! I don't want to be one of those parents who brag but it's difficult not to haha. We put Jade to bed between 7pm-8pm and she sleeps through until 5am-6am. Once she has had a bum change and a bottle she will sleep another three hours. I now can't complain that I am tired anymore, I get loads of sleep!! She is now in her cot-bed like a big girl. 

Jades loves tummy time and we try and do it a couple of times a day. Her neck muscles are so strong now that she has no problem keeping up her head on her own. It honestly won't be long until she starts crawling (thank god we have new carpet now!). 

We have been exploring all different textures and they all end up in the mouth for testing! Jade does have a few favourite toys but her favourite seems to be her extra large muslin for some reason? She loves the floaty and soft texture. Or if she fancies it, my glasses! She has so many toys that I do sometimes think she is a bit overwhelmed! We only get out a few at a time so she should be ok. 

At first I was getting worried that she hasn't progressed as much as my friends babies (who are younger than Jade), but I was reassured that every baby is different and they will get there. Funnily not long after, Jade rolled over for the first time! I was actually ready with my camera so I could record the whole thing, but I can't share it here or on social media as she is completely naked! Close family have seen the video and heard me squeal with delight, it's saved for when I'm ever down in the dumps and need to smile!

Giggling. There's no better sound on earth than a baby giggling away! The first time Jade giggled was with Tom (which I am so happy that he can share that special moment with her!) and now there's no stopping her. Best feeling ever. 

Our next journey that can either be fun or an absolute disaster is….weaning! We have just bought a high chair and my fridge/freezer is full so we are ready to give this a go. My friend suggested I try baby-led weaning and after a bit of research I do think this is the best option. If it doesn't work out then I might give Jade some purée alongside to make sure she is getting everything she needs. Wish us luck!I highly recommend this book and the cookbook version!!

Well that's all for now, six whole months have gone by with our special little girl and I can't wait for our next adventure 😊

4 thoughts on “First time mum journey – 6 months in!

  1. Oh I am so pleased that things are better for you! It’s good to hear you’re also feeling better in yourself too. Being a new Mummy is really hard and nothing can prepare you. She is an absolute beauty, you should be very proud. Good luck with the weaning! 🙂 Thanks so much for linking up to #TriumphantTales – hope to see you again on Tuesday!


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