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Happy first Father’s Day!

Happy 1st Father’s Day Daddy!!

As I write this, Tom is probably still in bed, getting some extra kip before being bombarded with presents and visiting our dads. So I will make sure I post this after he awakes and have opened up Jades gifts!

Tom is a pain to buy presents for! There’s nothing that jumps out to me where I think ‘yes he would love that!’ or ‘he will be so excited’. If you were buying presents for me then you would have no problem! Jewellery, make up, clothes, photos/canvas, whatever you get me I would love it. But Tom doesn’t really have any particular hobby or interest where you can get something based on that. Golf: nope. Gardening: nope. Fashion: nope. Jewellery: nope. Football: yes but he doesn’t want some Liverpool kit or mug just for the sake of it. He really is a pain in the….

So I decided to get him a mix of stuff. Stuff you can keep forever, use or just look at it knowing how much Jade loves him. So here’s what I got:(please ignore the fact I took these photos on Jades changing mat and blurred out our crap carpet which is being replaced soon, I was sat on the floor wrapping this lot up!). I think this is a nice range of presents. Give it a couple of years before he gets something made by Jade so for now he can have something that won’t fall apart!

The first picture is a personalised vest for Jade to wear. It says “Happy Fathers Day. You’re doing a great job daddy. No one loves me like you! Love, Jade xx”. I will put this vest in my keepsake box afterwards alongside my first Mother’s Day baby grow. 

The second picture was originally a personalised card I got, until I remembered I bought a Father’s Day card for Tom already (baby brain!!) so I decided to put this in a box frame so it can sit on Toms bedside table. It shows the month of February with a heart on the seventh saying “the day you became my daddy, happy first fathers day’. 

The third picture is of a pint glass with ‘the best dad in the world’. I know Tom will use it!

The forth picture is of a teddy with ‘best dad ever’ and a leather key ring with ‘dad’ on it. The key ring can go on his work van keys so he can be reminded of Jade when he works. The teddy is just cute. 

All wrapped up nicely, obviously not the vest as Jade will be wearing it on the day (I love wrapping presents!). The comic print bag is what’s going to hold all these, it’s a plastic gift bag with super hero slogans relating to how amazing dads are. It’s sturdy enough to use out shopping. 
I hope Tom enjoys Jades presents and has an amazing day, as well as Jades grandads. Happy fathers days to all the daddy’s out there xx

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