‘Your face or mine’ studio recording and a day trip to London!

Morning guys!

This weekend has been amazing as Tom and I were lucky enough to get priority tickets to be in the studio audience for the recording of ‘Your Face or Mine’ in London! I have never been in a studio audience before (Tom has, lucky git!) so naturally I was very excited 😊. 

We needed to be at London studios for 18:45 so Tom decided that we can have a little day trip around London, taking in the sights before the show. There was underground parking available opposite London studios for only £7 for the whole day, so why not take advantage of that!

I won’t bore you with the big standard pictures of London but here are some of my favourite:

We went into M&M world which is absolutely massive, I think there were 5 levels! They have a huge wall of just M&Ms were you can mix and match a variety of colours, crispy and peanut into different sized cups. Must have taken ages to separate them! They had merchandise on the lower floors including baby vests!! We ended buying two for Jade, a tie dye coloured one with a M&M world logo and the female M&M character vest (brown with glasses on the front). 

Popping around the corner we came to Trafalgar Square, it was such a nice day that we sat alongside the fountains to relax a bit. There was even a protest going on in front of the museum, a worthy cause!

There’s some fab artwork around London and you can spot it anywhere. Down Southbank there is a skate park that is covered in graffiti, while if you pop down to the tube you can find mosaics based on the history of the Uk 🇬🇧. 

 We decided to go on a cruise up to Greenwich to have a look at the sights and by the time we came back it would recording time. I would highly suggest one of the cruises in London if you want to get close up to some of the most historic places (a lot of pubs were mentioned too!). I think from the London Eye to Greenwich and back again took over two hours, we were almost late to the London studios!

 This was the queue for the priority ticket holders. Waiting to be seated, I was wishing that we would have decent seats!Our seats were perfect! Half way up and smack bang in the middle. I think the recording took about an hour and it was hilarious. I heard Jimmy Carrs laugh which made my day! 

I won’t spoil the episode but here’s what Your Face or Mine is about:

Jimmy Carr and Katherine Ryan host a new “Tinder-inspired” version of successful noughties game show Your Face Or Mine?, the cult-classic, couples-based comedy format in which your face can win you cash.

Over a series of revelation-filled rounds, couples are forced to compare their looks with other people’s – and ultimately with each other’s – in this relationship-testing game.

We also have priority tickets on the 27th May to go and see Celebability (not a clue what it’s about!). We live exciting lives!

Have you ever been in a studio audience? If so what did you see?

5 thoughts on “‘Your face or mine’ studio recording and a day trip to London!

  1. I’ve seen the adverts for this and it looks hilarious so i’ve just downloaded a few episodes on sky and cant wait to see them! I was in the audience for ready steady cook once with good ol’ ainsley harriet and it was really fun!
    Thank you for sharing this day out with us at #TriumphantTales. I’m intruiged to see how your other audience show went! I hope to see you back tomorrow.


  2. Wow sounds brilliant. I have been in a studio audience before – Jeremy Kyle!! It was a good few years ago and I never really watched the show but my friend got tickets so i went along. It was actually really good. I’d love to be in an audience again. #TriumphantTales


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