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Trunki Travel Toybox Review!


Jade is now three months old and starting to be more interested in toys, they can be colourful, noisy, lights up or just plain. We have quite a few toys for her now and for a while I have been using a basket to store them, I wasn’t too bothered with keeping them in there until the dog thought they were his toys to play with! I needed something to put them in with a lid that also looks the part. 

I have been lucky to be picked as a reviewer for Magic Fairy Wings which is an online store that sells children’s toys, accessories, craft items and many more at a very reasonable price (which is great for me on my measly maternity pay!) and they decided to send me a Trunki Travel Toybox, just what I needed!

Being a first time mum I had no idea that this is much more than a normal Toybox and had a look on their website to find out a bit more about it. You can pick the Trunki up for £19.99 Here. Here’s the description from the website:

Is it a train? Is it a toy? It’s both and a whole lot more! ToyBox is the world’s first ride-on travelling toy box. Stackable and connectable, it’s perfect for taking your toys with you wherever you go and keeping them tidy while you’re at home. 

Well they definitely didn’t lie! I was fascinated when I opened this up as it really is an amazing concept. Jade might be a bit too young at the moment but she is only going to grow (quickly it seems) and start playing on it. I didn’t waste anytime putting her toys inside!

At the moment it sits in her nursery ready for when we choose a toy to play with. It has a lid to keep the toys clean and dust free (not that she will have dust in her room!) plus it also keeps the dogs nose out! The bright block of colour makes it stand out in the room and Jade loves looking at it. 

 At the moment the Trunki is sat with the lid on top for easy access to the toys inside. You can place the lid underneath the box to wheel it along and it the tub eill stay in place as the inside of the lid has grooves for the base to fit on snuggly. 

 Alternatively, you can clip the lid back on and flip the Trunki over for the fun part! It then turns into a ride-a-long train, how amazing is that! The child can sit on top and push themselves along as the green wheels that are on the lid easily wheels away. You can also buy more Trunki’s and attach them together to build up the train, more toy storage and more fun!

 Traveling with this is easy (well it is a travel toy box!) as it securely shuts with clips on either side, has a handle on the top for easy carrying and is light but strong for durability. 

I can’t wait for Jade to grow a bit so she can ride around on this. Storage + toy = happy child and parents! 


5 thoughts on “Trunki Travel Toybox Review!

  1. This looks great, I’ve seen the ones you can use as little suitcases aswell, my neice had one and was wheeling around the airport like a crazy thing on it! Thanks for linking up to #TriumphantTales, really hope to see you back on Tuesday 🙂


  2. this looks pretty awesome! Ben has so many toys I dont they would all fit in here and thats before he has a birthday party dammit!!
    Thanks for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I look forward to seeing you again next week


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