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Mummy & Jade Adventures: Bootsale Bargain Buys!


I thought I would start my own blog series called ‘Jade and mummy’s Adventures’ where I basically post about all the new things we do and wether we enjoy partaking or if it is worth it. Today I decided to write about finding some bargains at our local bootsale. 

Some people have this stigma about bootsales, saying that the things people sell are just unwanted rubbish and hoping someone will buy it. Some people might not like used items especially when it comes to baby stuff as they are not sure where it comes from or how ‘clean’ it is. I personally love buying things from bootsales as I know everything can be washed. 

When you consider that a top and legging combo from Mamas and Papas could cost between £15-£30, you can buy the set (if you look hard enough!) at a bootsale for £1-£2. All it needs is a clean and your ready to go, imagine if you spent £15+ on something that might be worn once or even not at all! I recently found a beautiful white lace dress from monsoon, retail price it would be approximately £45. I paid £2 at the bootsale! It is a beautiful dress and will fit Jade ready for her great-aunties 50th party in November. 

You can pick up some amazing brands that you normally wouldn’t buy because of the price. Some of the top brands I have managed to find are Ted Baker, Joules, Monsoon, Next plus many more. When you actually add up what it would have cost to what you pay at the bootsale, you can save a lot of money! 

I can’t show you everything I have bought as I must have picked up 50+ pieces,  but here are some of my favourite clothes I have picked up:

Ted Baker long sleeved vest. I bought this for £1-£2 (cent remember now!), looking on the Ted Baker website it roughly retails between £15-£20. 

This is a beautiful pink lace dress from Next. I bought this for 50p (!!!!), looking at the Next website this type of dress roughly retails between £20-£50! Bargain. 

This white lace dress is t the one from Monsoon (that’s still at my mums!) but it is still beautiful and delicate. It doesn’t say where it is from but I only picked this up for £1 so either way it’s much cheaper than buying new. 

 This retro inspired dress is in the next size up for Jade (6+ months) but I had to buy it anyway! It’s from Matalan which normally retails between £8-£15 but I picked it up for only £1. 

 I love a bit of houndstooth clothing so I was so happy when I found this too for Jade! It’s made by 7 For All Mankind which is a brand found in Saks Fifth Avenue in America (I wondered why I’ve never heard of the brand!). It did come with some unusual orange jeans (not pictured as I’m not keen on them!), the set normally retails at £45 once converted but I only paid £1. 

 This partially crocheted summer dress is from H&M. I love the rose bud details around the neck line and I know this will be perfect for the summer months. This retails around £14 but I only picked it it for 50p!

 This trendy gingham combo is from Mamas and Papas. I will always try and find matching sets at the bootsale because I hate trying to match tops and leggings together! This combo retails for £23 and I only paid £1 for this. 

I have also picked up some toys (that can be washed) and a tummy time roll. My mum and dad have also picked up a lot (and I mean a lot) of clothing and toys so she has stuff for when she stays round. Even if we didn’t buy anything from the bootsale, it’s a nice way for Jade to get some air and some exercise for me! 

If going and buying stuff at a bootsale just isn’t for you, then I suggest popping down to TK Maxx for some amazing bargains. I found a beautiful Ralph Lauren dress that I was so close to buying!

That’s all for now, if I find some more amazing stuff I will make sure to pop up a post on here 😊

8 thoughts on “Mummy & Jade Adventures: Bootsale Bargain Buys!

  1. You have some amazing stuff here! Well done! I always like a good rummage at a boot sale, I just never seem to find the time to go! Thanks for linking up to #TriumphantTales, really hope to see you back on Tuesday 🙂


  2. I hav no issue with car boot sales as my parents used to do them when I was little so i have so many fond memories of them. Hubby refuses to have any second hand bits with Ben as its our first, however when i picked up a next to new tommee tippee prep machine for £30 including 2 filters that cost £10 each he didnt complain ahahah!
    You’ve managed to pick up some really beautiful items. thanks for sharing them with us at #TriumphantTales, hope to see you back next week


  3. We bought so much stuff from table top sales, not so much car boot sales as I find you have to really search for what you’re looking for and are more likely to pick up other things you don’t need or want. You’re more focussed than I am, I get distracted easily at car boot sales! Maybe I need a clear mind about what I’m looking for before I go! You’ve found some great bargains here and some fab brands! #sharethejoy

    Liked by 1 person

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