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Preparing for Birth: Pregnancy colouring book!

As most people are aware, pregnancy and birth can be an exciting yet terrifying prospect. Especially if you are a first time mum listening to some horror stories from other mums! There are many books you can buy these days that help women cope throughout pregnancy (what to expect and all that) but sometimes that doesn’t help with your stress levels. 

Currently, a popular way to help with stress is adult colouring books which you can find magasines in your local newspaper store and they contain really intricate drawings to colour of animals/flowers. But now you can buy a pregnancy colouring book!



To help prepare for birth and the responsibility of motherhood, I was sent Bridget Sheerans new book ‘Preparing for Birth: Colouring your Pregnancy Journey’. Bridget is an experienced midwife and understands that pregnancy needs mental and physical preparation. Bridget suggests that this book will:

As women relate to their interpretation of the illustrations, this book can powerfully:

  • Allow women in their own time to focus on their needs in pregnancy, birth and becoming a mother. 
  • Motivate mothers-to-be to prepare for birth and the responsibility of caring for a newborn. 
  • Enable personal well-being through relieving stress via the ‘right brain’ activity of colouring-in. 
  • Motivate women to evaluate their personal resources and find the support structures they will need to do the most important job in the world: give birth and nurture their baby.

First impressions:

The book is presented quite beautifully! The front cover has a white background to emphasise the lettering and the main picture, which is a silhouette of a pregnant lady, has Tribal/Aztec symbols across her breast and bump embossed in gold.  It is a hardback, which some people might find hard to get into the pages to colour but I honestly had no problem. With the book being a hardback, I didn’t have to worry about the book folding when trying to colour on my lap. You can press quite hard with a pencil or pen and not worry about ruining your picture. 

Inside the book are twenty eight double page images that represent each stage of pregnancy and birth. Some pictures are a lot more intricate and time consuming than others which give a nice balance depending on how you are feeling that day (or if you have another child who wants to ‘help’ colouring in, they can have the simple pages!). 

At the back of the book, Bridget has added a Key to each of the images explaining why she has chosen that to help with your pregnancy. I actually found this quite helpful as one of the images I thought ‘what does this have to do with pregnancy?’, after reading the explanation I finally understood and can see how it will help some women. 


Obviously I am not going to show every single page from the book as that isn’t fair on Bridget! But here are three pages I thought I would show you:

This page I thought I would show you untouched so you can see what it looks like when you open the book. This iconic scene of the hare and the tortoise shows that every woman’s pregnancy and birth are different. Some speed along while others are slow. 
I decided the colour one page and leave the other blank so you can see the difference (however I think I was a bit too light handed with the pencils, you can’t even see my blue sky!). I love this picture as it has a vintage feel with the silver cross pram and the Terry Nappies hanging on the line. 
My completed page! Colouring in the booties made me excited (even though Jades already here!) and I spent ages choosing which colour each boogie was going to be. The quote alongside the picture was beautiful and I thought it suited the picture perfectly!


After playing about with Bridget’s book for over a month, slowly (and I mean slowly with a newborn!) I could ease my stress away when colouring in. This book is primarily aimed at women who are pregnant but it also can be helpful after birth. Colouring each page reminded me of the journey I took and each stage I overcome. When Jade was asleep and I had nothing to do apart from cleaning, I would pick up some pencils and colour away (even if it was only for ten minutes!). 

I highly recommend this book to expectant mothers or new mothers alike. If it can alleviate any stress then it’s worth while to me!

Where to buy:

You can buy Bridget’s book from the publisher Hammer Smith Books for £9.99 Here or if you prefer you can also buy it for £9.99 at Amazon U.K. Here  


This product has been provided by a PR company for reviewing. 

I will always give my honest opinion when testing a product. All sponsored content is clearly marked at the bottom each post. 

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