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Thinking about the future 💭

I like to think I’m an academic person, I enjoy learning new subjects which can be used in my daily life or to improve future career aspirations. I have my GCSEs from going to school but no one ever asks about these anymore? They are classed as outdated now I suppose. However, I have been lucky that work have decided to further my education by paying for me to complete my NVQ level three in business administration and my functional skills level two in Maths, English and ICT (these are a GCSE refresher). These qualifications will definitely help me further my career within the industry I am currently working in or progress onto something else.

However now I have Jade, I am looking further into the future. I don’t want my daughter to think ‘my mums only a receptionist’ when she’s older and not take her education seriously by following in my footsteps. I want her to look up at me and be proud at what I have achieved. So I decided to undertake the degree I wanted to do many years ago with the Open University.

Distance learning with the OU will allow me to work and learn at the same time, to gain qualifications that will improve my career without giving up work and family commitments. So I can’t really say no to an opportunity like this, as long as I focus on the end goal. 

I have decided to study for by BSc Hons in health sciences (biology, chemistry etc) part-time over six years. This means I won’t be overloaded with Jade, work and studying. The course starts in October 2017 so I have plenty of time to finish my SQP, prepare and arrange The Student Loan Company for payment (the whole degree costs £17,184 total for part-time!) so I am ever grateful to them for helping out ‘mature’ students like myself.

Come October, wish me luck for the next six years!

One thought on “Thinking about the future 💭

  1. How exciting! I really enjoy studying with the OU. It is a big commitment alongside everything else, but I think if you’re selecting a course and modules that you enjoy, your enthusiasm helps to carry you through. Best of luck 🙂


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