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Introducing Jade Rachel Buckley πŸ’–

Morning guys (or is it the afternoon?…)

Well this month sure has been a wonderful rollercoaster for me! On Monday the 6th February I went into hospital to start the induction process to bring my baby girl into the world, I waited all morning for a phone call to tell us what time to go down and when they eventually called me we had an appointment at 7:30pm. 

I started my induction at approx 12am with the midwife breaking my waters but what happens after that I cannot say because unfortunately (or is it fortunately?) I don’t remember anything before my epidural at approx 4am. I have heard snippets from my husband and mum on how bad it was but I am greatful not to remember!

I won’t go into details on the labour (I am sure you know how it all happens! πŸ˜‰) but our beautiful daughter, Jade Rachel Buckley, came into the world at 10:46am on Tuesday 7th February weighing 7lbs 8oz, a nice healthy weight! A couple of hours and stitches later (ouch!) and we were wheeled into the post natal ward to get into the swing of parenthood. Jade and I needed to stay in the hospital for a minimum of 12 hours to test Jades sugar levels (as I had gestational Diabetes), and after one failed test followed by three clear tests, we finally went home at 3pm the following day. 

Doesn’t she look like an iced gem!

Settling into motherhood is hard! People tell you all the time on how tired you will be but I still wasn’t prepared! All I was doing was breastfeeding Jade, changing her nappy and trying to get her to sleep. I never slept when she slept! On Day 5 we went in for her heel prick test and weight check but the midwife noticed that Jade had a slight jaundice tinge to her face so sent some extra bloods off to test her jaundice levels and we will find out the results later on. 

We had the phone call to say her blood levels were quite high for jaundice and we needed to go back to hospital for her to go under the UV lamp 😞. Naturally I cried as I thought it was something I had done wrong, but after a chat with a lovely nurse on the CAU ward I now realise that jaundice is quite common in newborns and i shouldn’t blame myself (however hard that may be!). 

Less than 12 hours later, Jades bloods showed her levels were nice and low so we can go back home with a review at my local maternity ward in two days time to check her skin colour. 

She is now 17 days old, clear of any jaundice and finally back to her birthweight! I am still plodding along and learning how to actually be a mother but luckily I have the support of my family and friends. I couldn’t do this without my husband who thankfully is about to start his two week paternity leave so I can have some help! 

Our beautiful Princess Jade πŸ’–

**Please note I won’t be posting as much as before while I focus on my beautiful daughter**

4 thoughts on “Introducing Jade Rachel Buckley πŸ’–

  1. What an absolutely lovely girl — and the baby is pretty sweet too! Seriously, I found you through the wonderful #weekendblogshare and enjoyed reading about you bringing your daughter into the world very much indeed. Took me back almost 26 years, when my own daughter was born. Sigh


  2. Congratulations, lovely photos especially the last one. Enjoy this time with your little one, it may feel like this stage of none to little sleep is never-ending but those new born/early months go by so quickly.


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