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Before and after: The nursery! 

Hi guys!

Over the past couple of months I have been posting some updates on planning and preparing the nursery, now it is finally finished and ready for when our little girl arrives (in less than a week!). My mother-in-law Nina has been amazing in everything she has done to this room, from painting to making the curtains. The room wouldn’t be this beautiful without her help.

BEFORE:The room started off with blue damaged walls that needed to be filled in ready for painting and a nasty green carpet that will be ripped up ready for new plush carpet.

Holes all filled in with a fresh coat of soft pink paint. Nina also re-painted the skirting boards, ceiling and windowsill to give the whole room a new feel to it. The nasty carpet has been pulled up ready for the new carpet upon delivery.

Beautiful new carpet! A champagne coloured carpet to compliment the colour of the walls. It’s so soft and plush to walk on!

Nearly there! The cot-bed and changing table/drawers are now inside (the Moses basket and stand are only here for now but will be in my room come arrival time).

AFTER:Ta-da! All done now. Photo frames are up, curtains up, basket drawers in filled with bath/changing products, Tommee Tippee nappy bin and a little toy basket.

I am in love with this nursery and I have shared this picture on all my social media accounts because I can’t stop looking at it! This will probably be my last post before our long awaited  daughter arrives so wish me luck!

12 thoughts on “Before and after: The nursery! 

  1. I’m with Lianne! 👆🏼Nappy bins are a godsend. Just don’t do what I did once and throw a full one down the stairs. A full back of nappies doesn’t bounce well. Jesus the smell!! 🤢
    As for the nursery – just stunning! I love the pink. What a beautiful room. Thank you for linking up to #TriumphantTales, please do come back next week!


  2. oh wow that transformation is lovely! you would not know the two rooms were the same! BTW that tommee tippee Bin is one of my best buys. Definately a life saver when you dont want to stink the house out with smelly nappies and convenient for being right there by the changing mat!
    Hope everything goes well in the next week! Looking forward to seeing a sleeping little princess in that cot when you return to #TriumphantTales.
    Thanks for linking up x


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