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My week in pictures!

Hey guys!

This week has been all about preparing for babies arrival so I haven’t really done anything exciting apart from making sure I have everything ready and getting some last bits sorted. So here’s some pictures of my week (well some of it!):

img_000211Finally putting our scan photos in the frame my sister-in-law bought us for Christmas, with a space to put the first photo with all of us in!

img_00031My husband Tom bought baby some Uggs! These were a bargain at £22 from (RRP £40).

img_00061Ewan the dream sheep! Everyone I have spoken to or reviews I have read suggest this is the most amazing thing ever and hopefully it will help baby sleep (and me!).

img_00051My new frame with pictures finally in it! This is next to my vanity table and I love looking at some wedding photos when I get ready!

img_00041Babies room is finally completed! Photo frames now up, curtains now up (made by my mother-in-law) and everything put away in its rightful place.

maxTaking Max out for a nice walk in Alver Valley. He wanted to chase the ducks but didn’t realise how deep the water was so had a nice swim instead! He regrets nothing.

unnamedI’m sorry for the snapchat filter (but this one is my fav!) but I finally dyed my hair. I did love my ombre hair but I want a fresh look for my new journey ahead of me!

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