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Preparing my hospital bag!

So it’s not long now until I get to meet my baby girl and my midwife suggested I start preparing my hospital bag now just incase. I will be inducted at 38 weeks (only two weeks to go!) so that really isn’t too far away and now it feels more exciting while getting my hospital bag ready! As I have GDM I will be staying in the hospital for a minimum of 12 hours to test babies sugar levels so I need to pack enough to last the induction (however long that will take!) and a minimum 12 hours after birth. I do have two hospital bags (my changing bag is in the post!) but the one pictured is MY hospital bag. I bought it pre-packed from Little Bambino Bags (which you can find Here) and most of the items that came inside I am taking with me. I will put ‘LBB’ next to the item if it came from there. 

Here’s what I am packing for myself:

  • Birth plan and hospital notes (not pictured as I keep my notes in the car – wherever I am so is the car!). 
  • A grey ‘Tres Chic’ nightdress for labour and my fox slipper socks for before and after.
  • Going home clothes which should be loose fitting and comfortable, I have opted for black leggins and a jumper – nice and simple. 
  • Extra pyjamas for after birth – because I’m staying in for a minimum of 12 hours. (Not pictured as I’m currently wearing them!). 
  • Nursing bras – two or three comfortable bras. 
  • Breast pads (I will take them out of the box into a zippy bag so it doesn’t take up much room!). – LBB
  • Maternity pads and lots of spare knickers (disposable ones are particularly helpful apparently!). -LBB
  • Toiletries – just the basics including toothpaste and toothbrush, deodorant and shower stuff. -LBB
  • Lip balm. -LBB
  • Hairbrush. -LBB
  • Snacks/cartons of drink – as I have GDM it might be best for me to bring my own nibbly bits! (Will but closer to the date). 

    What I packed for the baby:

    • Bodysuits/baby vests. 
    • Babygrows/sleepsuits. 
    • Scratch mittens. 
    • Socks or booties. 
    • Hat. 
    • Jacket (my amazing mum knitted me this white jacket 💖). 
    • Baby blanket (Tom’s Granny knitted me the pink blanket 💖). 
    • Nappies – A newborn baby will poo a lot! 
    • Two muslin cloths – was told not to bring too many as they all might not be needed (might keep some in the car just incase). 
    • Comforter – not sure if I need to take  one with me? But why not. 
    • Water wipes – midwife recommends as it’s 99.99% water and 0.01% fruit extract. 
    • Nipple cream – I plan on breastfeeding straight away and other mums have told me to get this ASAP as I will be sore from the beginning. 
    • Car seat – Although strictly this isn’t packed but ill make sure it’s in the car! 

    I think that’s all I need? Please do comment below if I have forgotten anything important or if I might be taking too much. 

    I am getting a bit nervous now, not for the actual birth but for afterwards! I am going to be in charge of a tiny human being and that truly scares me! Did you feel the same when preparing your hospital bag?

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