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The bedtime tag!

I am very excited to have been nominated by Bethany over at A Blond And A Baby to answer a few questions in the Bedtime Tag! Let’s start!

Describe Your Usual Bedtime Routine
My routine before bed would be to have a bath about 9pm ish with a large choice of Lush bath bombs and my variety of Soap and Glory products I hoarded in the Boxing Day sales, this includes my S&G milk body moisturiser all over my body to hopefully avoid stretch marks. I then use my Foreo facial cleanser to strip as much make-up off my face as possible, a face wipe from Primark to clean what make-up is left before using my Estée Lauder moisturiser to feed my dry skin. 

What Are Your Favourite Pyjamas?
I don’t wear pyjamas to bed as I am a hot sleeper (as Marilyn Monroe once said ‘What do I wear to bed? Why, Chanel No.5 of course’) but I do own PJs for around the house, before and after bed. I have a set of fox PJs with ‘Fur fox sake’ written on them to match my coffee mug and a pair of fluffy fox slipper socks. 

What Is Your Current Bedtime Reading?
I read a lot of books so sometimes it can be hard to find one I haven’t read yet. I am currently reading ‘The Unmumsy Mum’ which is actually making me not worry about what’s to come!

What Would I find On Your Bedside Table?
A lamp (obviously, even though I never use it!), my Pandora lilac jewellery box and my Soap and Glory milk body moisturiser. Nothing exciting unfortunately!

What Scent Makes You Sleepy?
White tea. Not sure why but I have some in my fragrance candle and it seems to make me sleepy. 

What Is Your Usual Bedtime And Wake Up Time?
Before starting maternity leave, I always went to bed about 11pm so I could get up for work at 7:10am. However, now I am on maternity leave I pretty much go to bed when I get tired (to put it simply!). This could be at 11pm or even 1am – however I feel, and randomly get up when I want in the morning! Everyone was telling me to get as much sleep now before the arrival of little girl so I am happily taking that advice!

What Are Your Top Three Bedtime Products?
Anything by Lush, whether it’s a bath bomb, oil or bubble bar. You can’t go wrong with Lush! Foreo Night cleanser, it can be used with a Foreo Play device to help with cleansing your skin but you can also use it with just your fingertips and massage into the skin. Soap and Glory milk body moisturiser, it smells amazing and makes my skin super soft!

What Is Your Most Common Sleeping Position?
There’s only two positions I can sleep in at the moment, on my side with both legs slightly bent or on my side with one leg stretched out straight and the other bent as high as it can go. Not much else I can do with a huge bump! 

Do You Have Anything You Like To Take To Bed With You?
I suppose I should say my husband but to be honest I prefer my cats! One of the cats (called ‘The Stig’!) sausages himself up against me and the other cat (called ‘Coke’ or ‘Little Girl’) will curl up by our heads and softly purrs which sends me to sleep.

What Is Your Worst Bedtime Habit?
Sitting on my phone. Apart from that I just lay down and go to sleep. No point doing anything else if I am tired!

Hurrah! All done!

Thank you Bethany for the nomination. I am now nominating Sarah at A Mundane Life, Hannah at The Amphletts and Alana at Baby Holiday


  • Describe your usual bedtime routine.
  • What are your favourite pyjamas?
  • What is your current bedtime reading?
  • What would I find on your bedside table?
  • What scent makes you sleepy?
  • What is your usual bedtime and wake up time?
  • What are your top three bedtime products?
  • What is your most common sleeping position?
  • Do you have anything you like to take to bed with you?
  • What is your worst bedtime habit?


  • Step 1: Thank the person who nominated you, and link back to their blog.
  • Step 2: Display the Bedtime badge; which you can find at the top of this post. (save the picture)
  • Step 3: Answer the ten questions included above.
  • Step 5: Nominate between three and five fellow bloggers to take part, and set them the questions.

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