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Good afternoon everyone!

Browsing through one of the Facebook groups I am in for UK bloggers, someone posted a picture of an old Mollie Makes limited edition magazine that was a one-off to the art of blogging. This made me think that there must be a magazine that is dedicated for blogging – written by bloggers, for bloggers. After scouring the internet for a UK based magazine i came across ‘Blogosphere’ which is exactly what i was looking for.

It is a quarterly magazine which focuses solely on blogging, ranging from topics that include travel, fashion, food, lifestyle, photography, beauty and even recipes. All articles have been contributed by bloggers, for bloggers so they can improve and grow their own blogs. Here’s the story on how the magazine started:

Blogosphere – a print publication written by bloggers for bloggers – launched in October 2013.

The magazine was founded by (then) 24-year-old Alice Audley, who had started a blog the previous year as a means to break into the world of journalism. Though it was only meant to be a stepping-stone into the media industry, Alice quickly fell in love with blogging and with all it represented – the freedom for anyone to have a voice and share their thoughts, passions and discoveries with the rest of the world.

However, even back then, the blogging community was growing at such a rapid pace that the sheer amount of voices was overwhelming. And for every fantastic blog, there were tens of out-of-date, badly written, spammy ones.

Though there were lists of recommended blogs out there, the majority were written by journalists or marketing companies – and these (though high up the Google search) were often out-of-date, too.

This was the beginning of Blogosphere.

Over the years, the magazine has evolved from an 80-page blogging directory to a 164-page whopper of a publication, which includes exclusive interviews with stand-out social media stars, how-tos, advice columns and blogging-focused features – all of which are complemented with beautiful photography and illustrations. It’s an offline guide to the online world.


I managed to find some back copies online of issue 1, 2 and 3 for only £4 each and i couldn’t resist buying them as i wanted to know if i will enjoy reading them and if i will find them useful, if i do then i will consider subscribing to the magazine in the future. Plus i actively follow all three women featured in these three issues!

I do encourage all new bloggers (myself included!) to possibly take a look at ‘Blogosphere’ as there are some very useful tips on how to improve and continue to develope a new blog, or even a well established blog!


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