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First time mum meeting the health visitor!

As my pregnancy progresses, it’s starting to get quite hectic now as so much needs to be prepared and organised for little girls arrival. One thing on that list was to meet my health visitor.

I didn’t know what to expect as this is all new to me being pregnant with my first baby, I did start to wonder why she was coming to visit as I haven’t had baby yet? After speaking to some friends who have children, they did say that your health visitor will come and visit you before baby arrives to get to know you (and you her) and to make sure you have adequate housing arrangements for when baby is here.

Being quite house proud (well now i’m on maternity leave I am!) I started to worry that my house wasn’t tidy enough for the health visitor and that she might judge me on that. I frantically tidied/cleaned the house a couple of days before my appointment and even went through some boxes we stored in the spare room since moving into the house in July 2016. It did give me a great excuse to finally get it done as since we found out I was pregnant the boxes have just sat there collecting dust! Friends and family did tell me that the health visitor won’t be going round with a white glove so I shouldn’t worry and compared to some peoples houses, mine is very well kept and clean.

When the health Visitor did arrive (after some confusion with days and times), she was really nice and didn’t even look around my house at all! We sat in my living room having a chat about ourselves and what to expect from her over the next year. She was extremely helpful and understanding when i asked some stupid questions, luckily as I am a first time mum she most probably expected it! She explained that she will come visit two weeks after birth to make sure we are settling in ok, if I have any further questions or need help with anything such as breast feeding or even if I am worried when she isn’t here then I can just give her a call.

health-visiterWe were talking for about an hour before she was getting ready to leave. She gave me a little book bag (which reminded me of the little book bags you used to take to school!). Inside were leaflets on new mum parenting groups in my area where I can make some new friends, workshops and breastfeeding help at my local maternity centre, a booklet on vaccinations and what age they are given, a booklet on managing health problems and some lovely hard books to read to baby when she is here. I was so glad she gave this to me as some of the information I wasn’t aware of and can now read up on it a bit more, I am going to pop all the contact numbers for help and the parenting groups onto my fridge for reference.

My advice to first-time mums is to not worry like I was! The health visitor is there to help and advise you for when baby comes. She will answer any questions you may have however silly it my sound! She is only there to help you.

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Being a new mum I need all the advice I can get!

Dear Bear and Beany

4 thoughts on “First time mum meeting the health visitor!

  1. Ahh so pleased your health visitor experience was positive.
    It’s so nice to hear that we do make a difference.
    Nationally every first time Mum should get an ante natal visit but due to recent severe cut backs to our service this isn’t always the case.
    Honestly we don’t come to snoop around your house, obviously if there were signs of neglect with your child which often goes in hand with very poor home conditions and this is not just the normal family mess but real dirt, dangerous tools/ cigarette lighters bottles of alcohol etc left around we would have to try and find out why this was happening.
    Anyway hope your keeping well and thanks again.


  2. I had very different experiences with my girls. We don’t have them come before the birth and I think its a good idea. As long as they still go after the birth, because I think it would make more sense to the parent once they’ve had a baby and know what they are actually talking about. Thank you for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove x


  3. I have mixed feelings about how useful health visitors were for me, but the idea of them coming to visit before the baby arrives is a good one (not one that happens in my area). I can’t say I remember taking in much of the information she gave me on that first visit – I was too busy in the newborn fog to take in anything! I always think the bit about them snooping around your house is a bit of a myth too – I’m sure if your house was a health hazard they might have something to say, but a normal amount of mess I think goes unremarked on. Thanks for joining us at #SharingtheBlogLove


  4. This didn’t happen when I had my two girls, they only came at about 10 days post births. Youngest is nearly 2 now. I think I would have panicked a bit too but I found they were always very friendly on the post natal visits and checks.


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