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Mini maternity sales haul!

Morning everyone!

After my baby shower on Sunday and receiving some amazing presents (which I’m still trying to sort through everything!), I can now find out what items we need to buy to finally get ready for little girl arriving.

Top of my list was to buy some nursing bras as I plan on breastfeeding for as long as possible. I have been looking online for some but found they were quite plain and boring (yes I know it doesn’t need to look pretty but hey, I still want to feel beautiful!), also they are quite expensive too. Looking online also posed a problem with making sure I am buying the right size as all bras are made differently and also I wanted to actually check the quality of them. Popping into town with my bestie Rachel, we headed to Mothercare (obviously) and noticed they still had their January sales on, bonus!

I managed to pick up three nursing bras and some knickers all on sale:

The first nursing bra I bought was originally £18 but was reduced to £5 on the sticker, however there was an extra 10% off which meant I picked this up for only £4.50! This bra has no padding, soft and holds the girls in place so there’s no jiggling about. I loved the style of this bra as it’s not plain like all the others I’ve seen. Plus for £4.50 I’m not complaining!
Next up is a two pack of nursing bras. These are normally sold for £30 but was reduced on the sticker to £15. However once I was at the till they scanned at £12 instead and with the extra 10% off on top the final price came to £10.80! These two bras are really pretty with lace detail all across the cup and they are padded for extra comfort. There is a white bra (underneath) and a bright coral bra (which unfortunately looks red in the picture).
And now for the knickers. Original price is £8 but reduced to £2 on the sticker, just like the two pack of bras it scanned through the till cheaper at £1. Again I had the extra 10% off so I only paid 80p for these! Again the photo hasn’t really shown the detail in these as the top panel is a stretchy lace/mesh that comfortably fits against your bump. I picked the next size up as I’m only going to get bigger and can wear this after baby is born.
So all together for what I bought at Mothercare should have cost me £56 but after all the reductions only came to £16.10. Win win in my books!

Across from Mothercare we noticed Ann Summers had their sale on. We thought why not and popped in to see what offers they had. I did pick up two items from them that I can use after baby is here.

This bra was originally for sale at £30 but was reduced to £12.60. It is a stretchy bra-let with a lace non-padded cup. I tried this on when I got home and was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable it is! It keeps everything in place while also giving you room to breath, it would look lovely underneath a scrappy top or a shear blouse.

The last items I picked up was a matching lace set (these are sold separately). The lace bra-let was originally £25 but was reduced to £11.20 while the thong was originally £15 but reduced to £7. I doubt I will be able to wear these for a little while but they are so beautiful (and cheap!) I couldn’t resist. Both of them have a very intricate lace detail that looks amazing against the skin, the picture shows it being red but it is a burgundy colour. The bra-let most probably won’t suit a shear blouse as you can see everything (!!) but will look lovely underneath a strappy top.

Not a massive haul but I am pretty happy with it! I managed to save quite a bit of money in the sales, I know the nursing bras will be very useful when little girl is here and the Ann Summers will do for Valentines day….

2 thoughts on “Mini maternity sales haul!

  1. You have some gorgeous underwear here, and such bargain prices too. My favourite nursing bras were from Hot Milk – they are gorgeous (especially if you can get them in the sales!). Thanks for linking with us at #SnappedUp


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