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👶🏼 My baby shower 🍼 ï»¿

Good morning!

Last night my best friend Rachel organised my baby shower, so many people turned up and it was amazing! Rachel is the queen of baby shower parties and knows exactly what to do to entertain guests. This wasn’t her first rodeo so I knew I was in good hands. 

The party was hosted at my mums as her house is actually big enough for everyone to fit in. She bought and cooked so much food that there was still quite a bit left (luckily Rachel stepped up to the mark and took loads home!), my mum really is an amazing hostess and made sure everyone had a drink and was topped up throughout the night (even sent my dad to the shop to pick up some more prosecco!). 

Rachel and her mum Karen even made this amazing cake for me! I think my face shows how excited I was 😃. 
As there were so many presents, I have enlisted Rachel’s help this coming Wednesday to go through everything. To sort the 0-3 months into my drawers and hang up the 3+ months in my spare room,  prepare my hospital bag and make sure I have everything I need. I will be taking photos of everything I received and creating a ‘baby shower haul’ post so keep an eye out for that! 

But for now, here’s a few pictures from last night (my husband went a bit picture crazy!). And of course a selfie from my Husband Tom and Rachel’s husband Jon

As people were leaving, there was only a few of us left having a good chin wag and a giggle. The night took a crazy turn and everyone started to admire my dad’s airsoft guns (especially Rachel’s mum Karen and my friend Sam!), we all decided to go airsofting later on in the year because why not?My very own Charlie’s Angels!

Well it was a brilliant night, we had to try and get everything into the car (that was fun!) and it’s all in my spare room until Rachel and I can sort it all out.

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