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10 wishes for 2017!

Well 2017 is here and this year I want to be more organised and prepared for what’s to come. I don’t want to make any ‘resolutions’ and I feel these always get forgotten and just don’t get done, so I’m going to do 10 wishes instead! 

These wishes are what I hope to accomplish throughout 2017, some will be easy and others harder which might mean I won’t get them done this year, just means they roll over to the following year! So here goes:

Wish one: Brave through labour and safely deliver my baby girl! 

Wish two: Photograph as much of my baby as possible, to keep in a memory book forever. 

Wish three: Make new friends in the mummy scene – I don’t know anyone my age (27) with a newborn so time to meet new people!

Wish four: Take Max to more dog training classes – he will learn to walk-to-heel and recall!

Wish five: Budget each month with husbands salary and my statutory maternity pay. 

Wish six: Start painting the living-room. 

Wish seven: Re-carpet the living-room. 

Wish eight: Find activities for baby and I which will benefit both of us – development for her and weight loss for myself. 

Wish nine: Work out a plan for childcare in November and return to work. 

Wish ten: Find a balance between being a mother and being a wife. 

Phew that was more difficult than I thought! Might be because I wanted to set  my wishes to be achievable and fair to myself. Now let’s tick wish number one off my list in 5 weeks time and meet my baby girl!

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