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Happy new year!!

Happy new year guys!!
2016 has been such an amazing year for me and I cannot wait to see what adventures 2017 brings! There have been some down moments but I can honestly say that I can look back on 2016 with happy memories and no regrets ๐Ÿ˜Š
I married my best friend Tom on the 28th May surrounded by our friends and family, it went so quickly but I can remember every single detail of the day. I still love looking through the photos and do you know what, I wouldn’t have changed a thing! It went so perfectly and nothing went wrong (well if it did I didn’t see anything!). 

We went on a once in a lifetime honeymoon to America, driving around in a convertible mustang and visiting some amazing places! We started off in Los Angeles for two nights, drove to Las Vegas and stayed in Caesars Palace for four nights, drove to the Grand Canyon (my favourite place on our honeymoon!), then off to Arizona for a nights rest, then to Phoenix for another night at a water park (wish we stayed longer as the lazy river was amazing!), another long drive to Palm Springs for two nights, then off to San Diego for two nights (one whole day was spent at the zoo!) and finally back to Los Angeles for another two nights before coming back to sunny England. Two weeks we spent in America and it was amazing, the best thing was time didn’t just fly by, it wasn’t like it was over very quickly. 
Settling into married life, we picked up our puppy Max. He is a Golden Retriever cross Cocker Spaniel and his mum belongs to my father in-law, so luckily he gets to see her whenever he wants. He is now 9 months old and such a lovely handsome boy who unfortunately needs to learn his recall!
Only two weeks after getting back from our honeymoon, we started packing our one bedroom flat to move into a three bedroom house that my mother in-law bought. It became a huge adjustment as this house is pretty huge and we didn’t have much stuff coming from a one bed flat, but it’s like we can start from the beginning and start new. 

Luckily we moved into a bigger house as we found out our family would be getting bigger, i was pregnant!!! Tom and I are extremely excited as we wanted to start a family after the wedding (wasn’t expecting quite that soon!), I had my implant taken out in April and it was a case of ‘if it happens it happens’. My mother in-law decorated the nursery ready for baby and we are now all set ๐Ÿ‘ถ๐Ÿผ.

Pregnancy has been nice and easy for me, no actual morning sickness for me and I started to blossom as each month went by. The only obstacle I came across was that I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. This can be controlled with diet and/or medication but it will go once baby is born. I unfortunately needed to go on medication (Metformin) which means I will be induced at 38 weeks rather than let me go full term at 40 weeks. It is a shame but that is life. Other than this blip, my pregnancy has been perfect and I get compliments from everyone on how well I look! Does make me feel great! 

What an amazing year! 2017 will be an adventure with our baby girl arriving in February and who knows what else will pop up!

Exciting times!

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