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Pregnancy journey continued, 23-29 weeks!

Hi guys!Sorry for such a delayed post but unfortunately I have been super busy with work, appointments and a complete change in lifestyle! < Will explain that later in the post. Following on from my previous post on my 8-23 weeks pregnancy journey (which you can find Here ), there have been many more ups and downs!
After my many failed blood tests not being taken correctly or not signed, my midwife managed to take the blood sample herself and the results came back fine. I was worried I would be rhésus negative and it could affect the baby but I am O+ so thankfully I don’t need an injection, phew! 
Between 24-28 weeks there wasn’t much new happening, I was growing bigger, baby girl was happily kicking away all day and the nursery is now complete with fresh paint and a plush new carpet. We decided to build the cot-bed and drawers so we can have our living room back to normal as they were taking up so much room! It was quite nice building the cot-bed together until we hit a brick wall and couldn’t find the screws for the side bars – after trailing google to find out what we were missing and getting stressed out, I found the bag of screws underneath my dining room table! I’m blaiming that on baby brain. However, now we found the screws the cot is built, hurrah! Only thing we need now is a mattress but I’ve been told to wait until my baby shower as someone is getting us one, another thing to tick off our list. 
My 28 week midwife appointment came up on a Thursday, my blood pressure and urine came up with no problems but unfortunately as the midwife was measuring my bump she noted that I am measuring over my centile which can mean a big baby. Because I have one symptom of gestation diabetes she booked me in for a fasting blood test to make sure everything’s ok. 

I reluctantly starved from 9pm on Sunday night after my work Christmas party and went into my doctors at 9am the next day for my first blood sample to be taken. I then had to drink a thick, syrupy glucose drink and sit in the waiting room for two hours without food or even water. It was dead boring but at least I had a book with me! After the two hours were up I had my second lot of blood taken and I went back to work (which was hard enough as I felt like poop!). My midwife said I will hear back in a couple of days with the results and we can go from there. 
The following day I had a call from the hospital to say that my results came back positive for gestational diabetes 😞 I won’t lie I did cry for quite a while after the phone call as all that was going through my mind was that it must have been something I have done. I have so many questions that I want to ask and I might sound stupid but I honestly don’t know what to expect from now. I have an appointment in two days with the diabetic midwife to go through what the plan of action I will have to take and go from there. 
Luckily I only have 11 weeks to go in my pregnancy but I have a feeling those 11 weeks will be hard….

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