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Planning and preparing the nursery, part two!

Following on from a previous post (Hereon ‘planning and preparing the nursery, part one’ where the room was bright blue with holes in the walls and a old green carpet:Yuck!

My mother-in-law Nina has been decorating the bedrooms (it’s her house and we rent off her) and the last room is finished: the nursery!

And now it’s complete! Yay!

We picked the colour we wanted for the nursery (see previous post for swatches) and once the holes were filled it the painting begun:Isn’t it a beautiful pink for a little girl 💖

Now the paintings done we wanted a plush carpet that’s gender neutral, this is because in a couple of years time we want another baby and it could be a boy – so it’s easier to just repaint rather than replacing the carpet too. So I chose a champagne/cream colour:

The carpet is so plush I am having trouble shutting the door 🙈 so I think it might need to be removed and the bottom shaved so I can actually shut it!

Now just to put the cot-bed, changing table/drawers, nursing chair and wait for little girl to arrive!

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