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Planning and preparing the nursery! Part one…

My husband and I are currently having our house decorated, with the master bedroom and the spare bedroom finished the only bedroom left to start will be the box room. AKA the nursery!

The box room started off with bright blue walls, loads of damage to the walls and an old green carpet 😷Yuck!

The damages have been filled and smoothed so the new paint can be started and after that the carpet will be ripped up to be replaced with a plush new carpet. The colour we chose is a soft pink so it’s not too in your face or bright. I’m hoping it’s going to look beautiful. 

Before the painting begun, we decided to make sure the new nursery furniture will actually fit in this room. After all it will be a bit pointless to decorate if none of our furniture fits! We found the tape measure and cracked on. Thankfully the cot-bed and the drawers/changing table fits. Phew! We do have a nursing chair but I think we will wait until everything’s done and in then see how much room we have to work with. The nursing chair will fit but I don’t know if it will be a squeeze and not be able to rock properly. If in doubt we can put it into the spare room. 

Now that we have made a plan it’s time for the room to be decorated! I will post the finished piece in the next couple of days!

See you guys soon!

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