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Pregnancy journey so far! Over half way there…

I’m now over half way through my pregnancy and I can tell you right now, I am enjoying it but equally hating it!
At the start of my pregnancy I was quite overwhelmed with everything, are my husband and I ready? Will we be able to afford everything we need for baby? How will we manage when I am on maternity leave? After speaking to friends, family and colleagues my mind was put at rest as now I understand that I have many people around me that are willing to help out and once making some new adjustments we can hopefully work out our bills each month so we are not going to struggle.
I had my booking appointment at 8 weeks with my local maternity unit and was greeted my a lovely student midwife. So many questions were asked to my husband and I (our medical history etc.) that it was quite a whirlwind of information. My weight was checked, blood pressure and urine was sampled. I was supposed to have some blood taken from me to be sent off but unfortunately I have shocking veins where they collapse all the time, so the student midwife suggested I visit my phlebotomist to get them taken. She booked me an appointment for a re-visit with my actual midwife, advised the hospital will send me a letter with an appointment for my 12 week scan, gave me the forms for my blood sample and we were off. All in all I believe it took about an hour but we received so much information to look into and now we just needed to wait until our scan.
I booked an appointment with my phlebotomist for my blood sampling, gave them my forms the student midwife gave to me and after 4 failed attempts she managed to get the blood needed. All done. Unfortunately, I had a call from my hospital a couple of days later to say that the wrong bloods were taken but they can do them at the time of my 12 week scan alongside further bloods needed to save my poor veins from getting stabbed.
My 12 week scan came and we saw baby for the first time. Now its starting to feel real! Baby was jumping around and being active in general so I was happy. I went off and had a whole wad of bloods done and now all I needed to do was have my regular midwife appointments and the 20 week scan.
By now I have started to notice a bump appearing and my breasts getting bigger (which my husband is loving!). Apart from the usual backache and constantly needing to go for a wee I have been taking this pregnancy well.
My midwife appointment was next at 16 weeks, she checked my blood pressure, urine and babies heartbeat. All was well until she said that the hospital never took the extra blood samples that were needed when I had my booking appointment. The midwife gave me more forms to visit the phlebotomist once again with clear instructions on what they needed to take. The next day I had the appointment with a phlebotomist, gave them my blood forms, blood was taken and everything fine and dandy.
20 weeks arrive and I have my scan. I can not believe how detailed the ultrasound was, from seeing babies little toes to watching the heartbeat. The ultra-sonographer asked if we wanted to know the sex of baby, the answer was yes and we found out its a little girl! We are so excited and started buying loads of clothes (maybe a bit too many!).
I will be 23 weeks on Monday and over the past couple of weeks I have felt baby girl move! I can’t describe the emotional feeling when I noticed her move for the first time but it will stay with me forever 💖 I know most mums will feel the same way as me. I have my next midwife appointment on the Tuesday for a routine check up with the usual testing. Annoyingly I have had another letter come through regarding my blood samples not being labeled correctly so I have to go back and have bloods taken for the fourth time! I am going to wait until my appointment this Tuesday and get the midwife to take my bloods herself (even though it will take a couple of attempts!) but I cant handle this anymore. I have been pushed round to so many different people that no one seems to know what they are doing, so this time I want the midwife to take my bloods.
Well that’s my journey so far, its had some amazing ups but some equally annoying downs with these 23 weeks.
Please comment below if you have had the same experience as me with the blood sampling problem or if you have any words of advice for what is coming my way!

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