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Mamas and Papas Baby haul!

If you haven’t gathered already I’m expecting a little baby in February 👶🏼 and I haven’t mentioned it yet but we found out the sex…..!

….it’s a girl!! 💖!
My husband and I have waited until we found out the sex before really buying anything as we wanted to get items in certain colours (pink obviously!). The nursery will be painted in the next few weeks and we have already bought the cot-bed, drawers with changing table on top and a nursing chair (that’s all we can fit in the box room!) but I’ll pop some pictures up when we have finished. 
Anyway onto the other bits we have bought. 
First up we bought a neutral comfort blanket for baby girl. It’s super soft! I really just want to rub it on my face all day, but I know I shouldn’t haha. There are little tabs all the way around in different textures, the front of the blanket has raised bumps all over and the back is smooth. This retails for £8. 
Next we have a neutral baby rattle. This is a plush baby rattle that has a soft jingle sound. We were given this as a gift when we attended a baby event at ‘Mamas and Papas’ in Whitely. It normally retails for £6. 
Next we have a gift boxed pink set. The set is beautifully boxed so can be gifted on. Inside it contains a baby grow, a large blanket and a hat. The print on all items match and it’s a soft pink with little flying birds. I fell in love with these as the pattern is very delicate which is perfect for a baby girl! This set retails at £24. 
Up next we have a ‘loved’ baby grow. My husband picked this baby grow, it’s so soft! It’s cream with the embroidered ‘Loved’ in pink with some flowers and a Peter Pan type collar, the label states it’s made with the softest cotton possible. This retails at £21. 
Next we have a ‘my first year’ photo frame. We bought this photo frame because it would be lovely to display a picture for each month of baby girls first year, the frame matches the furniture and because it was half price! There are twelve places to put a picture for each month and a large space for a bigger photo in the middle (maybe the scan photo or first birthday photo?). This retails for £24 but as it was half price we paid £12. 
Lastly we have some items my friend bought us, unfortunately I don’t know where these came from but here’s some pictures just to see the cuteness of them!

So that’s everything clothing wise we have got so far. We were told to hold off buying much else until after my baby shower as no doubt we will be inundated with stuff!

I hope you enjoyed this post, please comment below if you want to see more baby hauls or if you want to suggest something you want to see. 

One thought on “Mamas and Papas Baby haul!

  1. Oh dear, you’re making me broody!! I love Mamas and Papas, such classics and beautiful quality. I love the boxed gift set, it is so delightful. Thanks for linking up with #SnappedUp

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