20 weeks so far…

Sorry for the lack of posts guys 😞 but with this pregnancy I have been so busy, ill and over-worked! The joys of being pregnant I guess…

Yesterday (05/10/16) was my 27th birthday and I received some amazing presents from my husband, friends and family. I really need to post what I got as some of the stuff is fab (Michael Kors bag, Pandora, Dior etc) but it’s not my top priority at the moment. What is my top priority is today.

I get to find out the sex of my baby! At 4pm today I have my 20 week anomaly scan, which makes sure everything is all fine and dandy with baby, but I can find out if it’s boy 💙 or a girl 💖. 

We have no preference as the baby just needs to be healthy 😊 

I’m too excited for later today and once I calm down I’ll post the birthday goodies in here. I’ll make sure I don’t wait so long next time. 

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