Well done Max! 

It must be dog show season as there seems to be one every weekend at the moment! Max and I go to get him more socialised with dogs and to see if he can win anything 😊

The first show we have done was the Hampshire Riding Therapy dog and horse show on the 14th of August. Max won first place in best brace and second place in cutest puppy. 

The next show was the Hampshire Pet Fair fun dog show on the 20th August. Max only got a second place in most handsome dog but he looks good in his rosette!

Today was the third show which was the Titchfield Village Fair and max won first place in most handsome dog, second place in cutest puppy and third place in waggy tail. So we are getting more now!   

He loves going with his doggie friends Reggie and Tarka and we have more shows lined up. Might have to get a pin board to start putting the rosettes up..,

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