Max’s first dog show! Worth it?

This weekends weather has been amazing hasn’t it? Instead of staying at home my friend Hannah suggested we go out to a dog show and enjoy the lovely sun!

It was Max’s first dog show and the Hampshire Riding Therapy Centre (HRTC)  had quite a lot of classes on offer, and it wasn’t too far away for us to travel. The atmosphere was fantastic, there were the usual food stalls found at most events, horse riding events and loads of dogs. 
From the list above I decided to put max into three classes; most handsome dog, cutest puppy and dog the judge would most like to take home. During the day a lady came up to me and asked if Max would like to pair up with her dog for the best brace class as they were so alike! Naturally I said yes. 

I won’t go over how the classes are judged as each class is different but Max won in two classes. He got second place in cutest puppy, doesn’t he look smashing!

He also won first place in the best brace class with his new girlfriend!

Unfortunately as we were paired up there was only one rosette to the both of us with toys and treats. But being such a nice person I let the other lady have the rosette (gutted) and I had the treats and toy.  

These two photos were taken by the organisers themselves and are available to buy, so I did!
We did walk away with loads of treats and toys so today was worth it for us.

We have quite a few dog show lined up and hopefully we will win a few more rosettes, I might get a cute pin board for Max to display them.

My friend Hannah did amazing, she won first place twice, second place, third place and best in show!

 I think I’m catching the dog show bug!

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