Lily’s Kitchen doggie beach bag offer!

I am constantly on the hunt for wholesome and organic food/treats for my puppy Max and do struggle to find anything. 

Working in the Veterinary industry you do tend to know what foods to avoid for dogs, for example, wheat and maize can cause many problems – so ideally these should be avoided. These are hard to digest and can remain undigested, over a long period of time, this can damage the lining of the digestive system, resulting in bowel inflammation, food sensitivities, food allergies and obesity.

With this in mind I thought I would try an alternative route, but before I suddenly change Max’s food (which would give him an upset stomach) I thought I should replace his treats and see how he likes it. After having a natter with one of my colleagues, she suggested Lily’s Kitchen. 


I had a nice browse on their website and decided to try their special offer the ‘Doggie Beach Bag’. 

I thought for £20 it was a bargain for what you get! I ordered this on Thursday at 2pm and it arrived the following day at 11am – not even 24 hours! I never thought it would be so quick. When the box arrived you could smell how strong the treats are – my car stank of fish for days! But hey, Max likes it!

First up we have the tote bag. It’s a really cute design and absolutely massive! 

Next we have one of the treats in the offer, Truely Natural Fish Skin Chews. These were the main culprit in the fishy smell! These chews are made from Catfish caught in Iceland that have been naturally dried, which keeps all the goodness inside. They are rough and chewy which is good for dogs teeth and they are high in Omega 3 which keeps dogs coat healthy. 

Max loved these and kept him busy for quite a while! 

Next up we have M’Hearties Little Cod Treats. These come in a little metal tin and a refillable pack with is great to keep your pocket for rewards. The treats are tiny which can be great if you have a small breed of dog or even for cats! My cat The Stig started rummaging through my bag trying to find these and he loves them!
Next we have two tins of the Surf and Turf dog food. These contain 60% meat, potato and vegetables- so all the goodness needed. Theres no soya, wheat or grains inside, no fillers, derivatives or GMOs. This is an ideal hypoallergenic food. 
Lastly we have some Calming Delicious Baked Biscuits. These treats contain chicken, banana, honey, chamomile and lavender. These ingredients help your dog to calm down so can be used before bedtime or before a stressful situation. They also are gentle on dogs stomachs and great for their teeth. 
There were some extra leaflets inside on recipes for healthy treats you can make at home which I thought was a nice touch. 
All in all I think this is a well thought out offer and all my animals enjoy the biscuit while I get a little tote bag for myself. 

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