It’s been too long….

It’s been so long since I last posted but wow so much has happened!

I married my best-friend on the 28th of May and enjoyed a two week honeymoon travelling around America in a Mustang! It was a one in a lifetime trip and I have over a thousand photos from it but here’s a few:

Seriously an amazing honeymoon and I wish I always back there, well apart from the 45C heat!

As soon as we came back we picked up our puppy Max, and how he has grown!

Now you might think ‘wow they have been busy!’ – yes we have but there’s more! Two weeks later we moved from our one bedroom flat to a three bedroom house! Moving itself wasn’t stressful thankfully but I ran out of data on my phone and we had no internet/sky for at least two more weeks (hence no posts from me). Never know how much it would affect me with no internet!

So it’s fair to say we have been busy, but there’s another little surprise on the way. But that will come soon 🙂

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