Balls hen night!

Good afternoon and welcome back to my blog!

So last weekend I went out on my friends hen night (Hello Ball, I know your reading this!) and we all had such a great night out together! There was cocktails, shots, German beer and even a picture in the daily echo – we are now famous in the local area (I joke, we look like idiots!). 

We started off at Vodka Revs in Southampton for a cocktail masterclass. It was 2pm and none of us had eaten so we were highly likely to get quite smashed! We were all given nicknames for that class and if we didn’t call someone by that nickname then we take a chilli shot, it’s burns on the way down 😭  My nickname was ‘Blondie’ as my hair was super bright that day for some reason? And balls nickname?

‘Ball Bag!’ 

We had a cocktail made for us on arrival and we were taught how to make a cocktail each. We were feeling it at this point! Before sitting down for lunch we all had a different flavoured shot each mixed with lemonade in a domino effect

I managed to get a video on my snap chat but I wish I could watch it again!

This was followed by a really nice lunch and dessert and two £30 bottles of prosecco (!!) later, on to the German beer festival! We walked to the Guildhall and in case one of us wandered off, we had these temporary tattoos put on us

At least if we get lost then we get a drink! Unfortunately for me I was allergic to the glue

Oh well it was fun while it lasted!

I really loved the cocktail making and the journey to Guildhall but I wasn’t a fan of the German beer festival. It was inside and very loud! We didn’t have a chance to talk with one another because we couldn’t hear each other. I had more fun outside waiting to go in

We are a fab looking bunch!? 

I only managed one beer as they were massive but it did taste really nice and light, especially for someone who isn’t keen on beer. There was lots of people at the festival having a really good time, I wish I could have enjoyed it more but I could feel a migraine coming along and was home by 9pm! I sometimes feel so old…but we did have a picture taken by the Daily Echo

Look at the size of those glasses! Now can you see why I only had one?!

We left Ball to carry on with her hen night but had one last picture of us together that’s my personal favourite!

I do love these girls! 💕

I am so glad I came out for Balls hen night, even though I left early I did really enjoy myself. Until I went home and stood on my only set of glasses and had to make a quick trip to Specsavers today to get some before my wedding in less than 2 weeks!

Happy hen night Ball bag xx

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