Wedding is drawing near!

Sorry it’s been a while since I have posted, this wedding is starting to get stressful as it’s just over 2 weeks away!

I have been trying to get everything sorted for the big day from bridesmaid gifts to ordering my veil. Luckily everything seems to be going to plan and I’m hoping for a relatively straight forward run up. 

One of the things I can tick off my list are the bridesmaids dresses! They all fit and look fabulous, hurrah!

They look beautiful on the girls, the mannequins don’t do them justice!

I have been planning on what to give the girls as a thank you for being a big part of our day and I wanted to give them something they can keep forever. First I wanted a little bag to pop their stuff in, I had a good look but at first only found the paper bag styles but then I found this:

Its a little tote bag with their initial on in a shabby chic style. It’s about the size of an A4 bit of paper but I thought this would be ideal as they can reuse it. In my opinion this is much better than a ‘Bridesmaid’ slogan bag. This can be found on EBay from the seller creative_cotton_bags. 

Next is a small present of a wine charm with Bridesmaid on it. 

Each charm has different coloured beads to correspond with each girls dress. These only cost about a pound each but again it can be reused. This can be found on EBay from the seller dream_dresser. 

Last thing I’ve bought is a bracelet for each girl

Each bracelet again is colour coordinated to the girls dress and each charm is different as I want them to be a little more special. The green bracelet is for my best friend who is my Maid of Honour, I chose an anchor for her as we were both in the sea cadets together for a really long time. The pink bracelet is for my sister, I have chosen a star as that’s her favourite symbol. The purple and blue bracelets are for Toms sisters, the blue has an eternity symbol for the youngest girl so she may have a long happy life and the purple has a horse show so the eldest can have good fortune in her life. I really hope they like these. This can be found in Enay from the seller the_little_wish_bracelet_company. 

I will be ordering some earrings and a necklace for the girls but haven’t found anything I like yet?

The last things I bought are for the tables. 


We wanted everyone to have fun so decided to get some Photobooth props (eBay seller: discountpartywarehouseripley) and funny face beer mats (eBay seller: moneffdeals) to put around the tables. 

We thought this might break the ice with people who are sat next to each other but don’t know who they are. The bubbles (eBay seller: cheapbargainzuk) are for the children and also a brilliant photo opportunity instead of using confetti. We have two signs, one for Instagram (eBay seller: discountpartywarehouseripley) and the other for our sweet cart (eBay seller: gina500_1) . 

The top left picture is of a scroll (eBay seller: wendys_personalised_scrolls) in which people can write about the wedding day and pop it into a box so we can read later. 
There’s so much more I have yet to come! 

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