Cocktail night!

My friend is getting married in 8 weeks and needed some ideas for cocktails to serve at the wedding. Naturally we all agreed to help her out and try a few cocktails round hers, you know to help a friend out and all that!

We all bought some alcohol and made our way to her house, there was only four of us so this alcohol will go a very long way! We managed to get everything apart from any decent glasses, so tumblers all the way!

First up we had a Singapore Sling

This drink is a fruity and sweet cocktail that is quite easy to make, no extra utensils are needed for this as you just pour over ice rather than needing a cocktail shaker. 

As you can see we made quite a mess!

Next up is my favourite so I made this for everyone, the French martini. 

Another easy cocktail to make but it needs to be made in a cocktail shaker. The girls did like this drink but found it to be quite strong (but not for me haha) so they added some extra pineapple juice to taste. 

We are not tidy people!

Next we have a cocktail which I can’t even remember the name but it was the favourite of the night. 

For some reason I can’t find the receipe online but it’s made up of gin, martini bianco, elderflower and ginger ale. 

We did make more cocktails but we were quite drunk and I didn’t take anymore photos or even remember what we had! 

We ended up playing with cats, kittens and dogs instead!

Cocktail making night was a success!

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