Clothing, make-up and jewellery honeymoon haul!

I popped into town today to find a floppy hat for my honeymoon (which I didn’t even bloody find one I like!) and I accidently bought lots of other bits instead. Note the accidently bit. 

Firstly make-up:

I have been dying to try the Lancôme Juicy Shaker so I just had to buy one! I picked the colour Meli Melon (301) which is a dusky rose colour. It smells and tastes amazing! The colour is sheer but feels so nice on the lips as it is oil infused. I am so impressed with this I’m going to get more in different colours so expect a more detailed post. 

Next up is the Lancôme LA base pro pore eraser. I originally had this as a sample when I bought the cushion foundation and loved it straight away. Its oil-free so perfect for my skin type and just feels so good on the skin. Compared to other primers I found this one kept my make up in place all day. 

Next is a cheap make up product but I have high hopes for it. It’s the Collection eyeshadow pencil in Vintage Blush 3. It’s only cost £2.50 so if I don’t like it then at least I haven’t spent too much on it but the colour is beautiful, it’s a very rose gold colour. I have a Kiko eyeshadow pencil which is almost the same colour and I’m just about to run out of it so hopefully I can use this as a replacement. 

So next I have a few nail polishes. The above was from TK Maxx in the sale section. It’s a three pack of Nails Inc varnishes (one of my favourite brands) in the shades ‘The New White’, ‘Alexa Lace’ and ‘Blossom’. I picked this up for £7! Normally they are £20 in TK maxx so I was happy and I’m excited to try the blossom one over a white nail. Will post a picture on Instagram. 

Next up we have two nail polishes from Barry M. A super strengthening ‘Iron man’ to help keep my nails strong as they break a lot and a colour polish in ‘Pit Stop’ which is a off white nude. 

Secondly, jewellery:

Now onto jewellery. I picked up these earrings in Matalan for £5, they are a rose gold drop earrings with a cubic zirconia Jewel in the middle. All my jewellery is rose gold so I thought these would look nice with everything else. 

More sale items but this time from new look. The first picture is just of three sets of hair grips in different colours. I mainly wanted these for the rose gold set for work. I have floppy hair that always falls out so now I can pin it back with a nice set of clips instead of the normal Kirby grips. The second picture is hopefully for my wedding hair! I don’t want a tiara or a slip in clip for my hair as I don’t think it suits me so I saw these and thought they would go quite well with the look I’m going for. These twist in to the bun I’m having at the back so when I take off my viel it still looks lovely. I’m having a last hair trial next week so I’ll see how it looks. 

Lastly, clothes:

I’m not going to describe each piece of clothing individually as that would be noring and take ages but all these clothes are perfect for my honeymoon! The orange top above will look fab with the white shorts and a bikini. Everything is so well priced in Matalan and the quality of the clothing is brilliant. I have ordered some bikinis from Matalan but they haven’t arrived yet 😦So after everything I bought, I still didn’t get my floppy hat!

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