Improving my dressmaking!

I always like to try various crafts out, knitting is my main skill but I have always wanted to get into dressmaking. I am very good at using a sewing machine and can hand stitch well. 

However I wanted to get into dressmaking, either by following patterns or just randomly making something for myself which I can be proud of wearing. 

So with this I was in a hunt for a mannequin in my size or an adjustable one. My friend Hannah who is a dab hand at finding anything you want funnily enough found one! She was at an auction house (in Titchfield) and spotted an adjustable mannequin so texted me if I wanted to bid on it. Obviously I said yes! 

 I know that these can be bought brand new for about £130+ so was unsure how crazy some people would bid but went for it anyway! 

£18! Sold to me! I’m so excited to give dressmaking a try and at least if it doesn’t go too well I only sent £18. 

Might have to check out more auctions in future. 

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