My hen weekend!

The first night of my hen weekend started off with a trip to the Kings Theatre in Portsmouth to watch Footloose the musical!    It’s been a very long time since I have been to a theatre and I have forgotten how amazing it can be! The play is so upbeat and fun you can’t help but dance and sing along.   

 We had the perfect seats in the dress circle at the front and right in the middle so nothing could be missed.   
 The view was fab!  
 A couple of G&Ts later at the Beer Vaults and it was home time! Ready for part two to start now!  

Second night for the hen weekend involved a lovely meal out with our families.  

 Unfortunately I have no other photos apart from these two 🙈 but at least I look good!  

 Night three of the hen weekend was a surprise for me. I have no idea what was being planned as my Maid of Honour did everything – I do love her 💕 

 She dolled me up in lights and a multicoloured viel! You couldn’t miss me! 

   The last night of my hen weekend was chilling out in a spa and having a facial! It was much needed after the night before!
  Again I didn’t take any photos apart from the above as I was swimming all day and didn’t have my phone on me. 
I had a fab weekend and couldn’t have asked for a better hen night! 


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